Piercing character from shoes that women love to wear


Piercing character from shoes that women love to wear

Some people say that to polish a person’s taste, first look at his shoes.

It can be seen that shoes are no longer purely used to protect the feet, but also can tell a person’s personality and mind.

Take a look at the presets to give you a progressively clear inner image.

  Question: Take a look at yourself or a woman. What kind of shoes do you like to wear?

  1. Sandals 2. Student shoes 3. High-heeled shoes 4. Sports shoes 5. Thick-edged avant-garde shoes 6. Long / short boots. Personality analysis: 1. Girls who like to wear sandals are quite confident in themselves.come out.

In general, she has good relationships, too many friends, and is interested in the opposite sex.

But sometimes sometimes a dozen male prisoners ask, hoping that the other person has the same opinions as himself, and has a stubborn personality, which is not easy to convince.

If you want to be her boyfriend, you may have to be patient and consider her more.

  2. Women who like to wear student style and simple shoes have simple and sensitive personality, strict family education, and it is easy to suppress their emotions.

Probably the parents may be tighter, or the school and the workplace are generally conservative, so the words and deeds are usually introverted, but such women actually want to try some adventures in their hearts. Be careful when traveling.

   3, women who like to wear high-heeled shoes, mature and generous personality, like to think, smart.

I am quite responsible and hard in my life and work. I have high requirements on the people and things around me, but I have a bad temper because I want too many things.

Of course, such a woman is more suitable for frankness and relativeness. If you want to pursue her, treat her generously and care for her. If she thinks you are a worthy object, she usually does not deliberately make things difficult for you.

  4. Women who like to wear sports and casual shoes seem to be big and easy to get along with, but she is very protective and very alert.

Appearances seem to be easy to mingle with boys. In fact, they all treat these boys as same-sex friends, but keep a distance from the one they like.

Generally, her friends are more violent in her mind. Under strong defense, she has very fragile emotions.

  5, women who like to wear thick-soled shoes, shoes with special shapes, pay attention to fashion and chase fashion, like to be the focus of everyone’s attention.

She may not have enough confidence in herself, so she would like to become a popular child, and people have noticed her existence.

Those who want to pursue her must affirm the advantages of o and give encouragement, which will make her more confident.

  6, women who like to wear short boots or long boots, love freedom, independent personality, do not like to be restrained, and have the courage to express themselves.

And this kind of woman is either outstanding in appearance, or quite intelligent and capable, and easily become the object of admiration of the opposite sex.

Although it may not seem difficult to get close, to be her boyfriend, you must have some talent and know her to win her heart.