10 warm little details to maintain your marriage


10 warm little details to maintain your marriage


Help him tidy his tie before work in the morning, and help him with his unruly hair.

Small details will also make a man feel warm and soft. When these details become a habit, he will feel more at ease and will be more dependent on you.


Buy fit and quality underwear for him.

In this way, he will have a subtle good feeling every day: this is what my wife bought me!

Will he be derailed?


Remember every special day and celebrate with him.

This thing does not necessarily have to be done by men. The way women celebrate will be more intimate and romantic, and it will also allow him to feel more tenderness and love.


Know the dishes he loves, and have the courage to learn and practice.

Although the statement “grasping a man’s stomach equals a man’s heart” is a bit overdone, it really works.

Knowing his taste, cooking his favorite dish, or learning to cook his favorite dish, even if only occasionally, will make him deeply attracted to your love.


Use “dear hard work” as a mantra.

Whether you come home from work or repair electrical appliances, taps, don’t forget to hug him and say “Dear hard work”.


When he wanted to be alone, he walked away quietly.

The so-called men all have a “burrowing period”. When they have a problem, they are accustomed to grooming their minds quietly. At this time, do not express your concern and walk away quietly. He will appreciate your thoughtfulness and understanding.

When you are sure he is upset, don’t rush to advise him.

Unless he makes a formal request, you must not rush to solve his problems.

Believe that he can handle it well, otherwise he will deeply perceive the harm, because you obviously express the ability to distrust him.


Don’t mind asking him to pluck your hair.

In front of your lover, there is no need for any disguise. You will live a long life together. You have given him white hair. What else can change what he conceals and cannot trust?


Dress yourself and dress him.

Let you always be a pair of puppets in the eyes of friends.

You are not afraid to make him young and handsome forever, because you have not lost confidence-how can a woman who has no confidence in herself give others a sense of security?


Love him, and speak up.

Similarly, regardless of occasion and frequency.

Don’t always force him to “love me or not,” instead, remember to tell him all the time.