For this final,Family Mobilization,Brother Lu Yuan went home with the troops,Dad also came back from the Beijing art exhibition,Accompany daughter to the final。At dinner the night before,Lu Yuan specially asked his wife Du Lei,Let her talk to her father,See if you can say hello to the relevant personnel of the Langzhu Municipal Party Committee,Strive to keep Ding Yi’s ranking。


Ding Naixiang,Just waved,Said:“Your mother said this a few days ago,Xiaoyi disagrees,J,According to my observation,Should be about the same。”Ding Naixiang seems to be more satisfied with her daughter’s performance。
In order to ensure that Ding Yi has a calm and good attitude to participate in tomorrow’s finals,The whole family didn’t bother her,Let her participate in the competition calmly。
“father,father,Will I be able to see my aunt play at home tomorrow?”
Lu Yuan smiled,Touched his son’s head and said:“Yes,Yes,Tomorrow we will watch the live broadcast at home,Only grandpa went to watch Aunt’s game。”Lu Yuan said,Deliberately showing loss in his tone。
“Then why can’t we go?”
“Because of the limit。”
Son nodded,He fully understood what Dad meant。
Du Lei glanced at Lu Yuan,Said:“Is it possible that you still want to compete with Dad for the right to attend?”
“Have this mind,But i have no right to participate。Leave the opportunity to dad。”
Du Lei gave him a white look,Laughed。
Ding Yi at this time,In mom’s old house,While listening to music,While reading,Although she can’t watch,But I still force myself to watch,To keep one’s usual mood。
In order to maintain the best condition tomorrow,She tried not to think about things that would easily distract her,Repeatedly ponder over some on-site test questions obtained in advance,I’m so familiar。
Because tomorrow the final will be live,In order to ensure the broadcast effect,Some on-site test questions,Early test players,For example, for a piece of news,Let you quickly organize the language,Live play。in fact,Can enter the finals is a contestant,Basically, the judges have a good idea。
There are a total of ten finalists this time,finally,One gold prize will be decided,Two silver awards,Three Bronze Awards,Four Excellence Awards。
Ding Yi really feels that there is nothing to prepare,The only thing you need to prepare is adequate sleep,Good mental state,then,She fell asleep early。
the next day,Lu Yuan driving the car,Bring dad to pick her up。Ding Ding is wearing a white tight suit top,Burgundy short skirt,When a pair of white high-heeled shoes came out of the alley,Lu Yuan’s eyes straightened,He stared at Ding Yi who walked up to him and said:“Oh, God,Ding Yizhi,If you don’t win today,I’m sorry for this dress?”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Are you Aiwu Jiwu?,Du Lei picked this outfit for me before the exhibition。”
Lu Yuan smiled,Said:“What i said?So fit,So extraordinary,What’s the saying,Natural beauty is hard to give up,Correct,That’s it。”
Dad laughed too,Said:“very good,Today is the final,I have to dress up。”