These words from Bai Qingsong should be addressed to Shen Ruo Xiyang,Because when I said these few words,His eyes are on Shen Ruoxi。


Shen Ruoxi has vaguely guessed what Bai Qingsong is talking about,So she just smiled softly,There are many explanations for her answer,Bai Qingsong knows it by himself,And smile like that,More gentle than talking directly,More forgiving,Easier for Bai Qingsong to accept。
“Is this topic a bit heavy?Let’s talk on a lighter topic。”
Murong Shan thinks the atmosphere is a little weird,So smiled and interrupted。
“Correct,Change topic,Let’s talk about something else。”
Bai Qingsong nodded immediately and nodded in agreement。
“Or talk about your lifelong events?”
Qin Liang blurted out without going through his brain。
“I don’t want to talk about this topic,Keep changing。”
Bai Qingsong answered without hesitation,Qin Liang doesn’t have a brain,He forgot that the girl Bai Qingsong had been pursuing was Chen Hao!
“Then what do you want to talk about?”
Qin Liang asked helplessly。
“North and South,You can talk about anything,Just don’t talk about business,Haha。”
Bai Qingsong also deliberately joked casually。