Li Qiao’er can’t answer,She knew that what Shen Ruoxue said was unreliable,But I am embarrassed to refute her face to face,So I can only choose not to speak。


Liu Xiaoyun also smiled secretly,Of course she was embarrassed to expose Shen Ruoxue,At this time, you can’t hit Shen Ruoxue in the face anyway。
“That’s Qiaoer,Sister Xiaoxue protects you,What are you afraid of?”
Qin Liang said with a smile,He didn’t demolish Shen Ruoxue’s platform,This is the tacit understanding of everyone。
Li Qiao’er feels that she can’t justify it if she doesn’t say anything,So I reluctantly agreed,And she deliberately pretended not to care,To prevent Shen Ruoxue from noticing her reluctance。
“Brother-in-law,Let’s do this task for a few days?”
Liu Xiaoyun started to interrupt,Of course to avoid the embarrassment of Shen Ruoxue or the embarrassment of Li Qiaoer,She, the fifth elementary school of Shen“Big sister”It’s not easy to be a gain or loss,Just like Shen Ruoxi worried about them,She also broke her heart for her sisters,The kind of father and mother。
“You really asked me this question!to be frank,I really do not know!Let’s talk about the situation at that time,If there are so many people and there is no clue,I can only give up,Can’t keep us here and not go back。”
Qin Liang’s helpless answer。
This is the first time,He has an action that has not yet started,Completely without any certainty,And it’s really not at all sure。
“We do our best,Finally, I have a clear conscience。”
Liu Xiaoyun actually comforted Qin Liang。
“I think no matter what the final result of this matter is,The heroes of the two older brothers and sisters,Can see so many of our dragon soul warriors come here to track down their affairs,They should be relieved。”
Shen Ruoxue suddenly said a few words。
“Yep,It makes sense。”