Although Li Qiao’er still feels something is wrong,But since Shen Ruoxue has said so,She had to answer seriously。


Yanzi looked at Shen Ruoxue,Secretly smiled and said nothing,Bystander clear,Of course she knew that Shen Ruoxue was teasing Li Qiao’er。
“It’s okay,We are sisters,Misunderstanding,I won’t mind。”
Shen Ruoxue replied nonchalantly,Actually, Li Qiaoer apologized,She is embarrassed,Because she was making fun of Li Qiao’er,But Li Qiao’er is so real,There is a sense of guilt in her heart。
Li Qiao’er is entangled here,Did I really misunderstand Shen Ruoxue??Maybe I really think too much。
“plum,Can I hug the deer??”
Shen Ruoxue asked Meizi not far away loudly,She wants to play tricks again。
“J,You only spend so little time with them,They are completely unfamiliar to you,If you suddenly hug them,Will scare them,And Dalu will think you are going to hurt their children,May attack you。”
Meizi immediately stopped Shen Ruoxue’s eagerness。
“Oh,Forget it。”
Shen Ruoxue looked at a few male deer with big horns from a distance,Immediately replied with a guilty conscience,Then I looked at the swallow……
“Don’t look at me,I can’t beat them,You see me useless。”
Yanzi rolled his eyes and said。