Qin Liang tried to convince his wife。


“That’s not OK!I said no!Let me go!”
Shen Ruoxi’s uncompromising answer!She knows very well;Once I was stripped naked,Then Qin Liang must take possession of his body when he comes down。She doesn’t want to,But time,Location and environment,Made her afraid to do this with Qin Liang。
She is a dignified,A girl who respects herself and loves her fame,Although Qin Liang is her legal husband,But she doesn’t want to be in an environment that disturbs her,At the risk of being discovered by a friend,With Qin Liang’s bridal chamber。
“Ugh……Looks like I won’t get you in my life!”
Qin Liang didn’t dare to use force against Shen Ruoxi,Had to let her go,Then I turned over and lay down beside Shen Ruoxi,Looked at the ceiling and said frustratedly。
“Don’t worry about this……Since I became your daughter-in-law,Will let you get mine。Bear with me,obedient,be good。”Shen Ruoxi sat up from the bed,Coaxing Qin Liang like a child,Put on the yukata that was almost taken off。
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The first thousand six hundred and eight chapters Two little perverts
? “Deceive!I must have married a fake wife!”
Qin Liang said depressed。
“Not fake,it is true,I promise this。”
Shen Ruoxi’s shy answer,Then looked down at the traces of being abused by Qin Liang……
“Two years and six months!I have never fucked with my wife once!I have a hasty……There is no one!”
Qin Liang really became anxious。