“fiancée?Who is your fiancee,I haven’t really heard of the woman on Seagod Island dating outsiders,And you are just a little Contra,Dare you lie to me!”


I saw a long tail lashing from behind,Lin Yan dodges immediately,The force of horror formed an air current and directly knocked Lin Yan away。
“Wait senior,Tian Yu from my fiancee!”
Xuanwu tortoise froze,Suddenly became even more furious,The huge head bites fiercely in Lin Yan’s direction。
“Kid you are really dishonest,Wang can be spied by someone like you,If you dare to insult the king, let me eat you alive.!”
Lin Yan quickly flew in the air,The huge head of the Xuanwu Tortoise was also in the air and looked at Lin Yan with cold eyes,A sudden burst of momentum,Lin Yan immediately felt an invisible force behind him was crushing him。
“hateful,You bastard,Do you really treat me as a bully?,I told you the truth,Why don’t you believe it,I respect you and call you senior,Disrespect you is a bastard,I really put myself on the dish,Let you see the power of the soul-breaking gun today!”
“Seventh Spirit Ability,Soul Reality!”Facing the powerful soul beast Lin Yan must also use the strongest strength to resist,If it can kill its own eighth spirit ring, it will have fallen.,Thinking of this Lin Yan leaked an expression of excitement,Seeing Xuanwu Turtle with deep killing intent。
“Soul Breaker,Interesting for thousands of years, it will still appear,But do you really think I’m a bully?,You are just a seven-ring war spirit master who just stepped into the Contra,And I am an 800,000 basalt tortoise,You have been guarding the deep sea for many years, but you are just little ants,Still want to go to heaven!”Xuanwu tortoise roared,Huge tail lashing on the sea,Suddenly the sea is rough,A column of water tightly surrounds Lin Yan。
Lin Yan used to know that the old bastard didn’t believe his words at all.,Eat it alive,It made him very angry,Facing the enemy, force it to death,Lin Yan didn’t believe that he couldn’t break this huge bastard。
“drink!”Lin Yan roared and the sky changed dramatically,Turn Nine Golden Dragon rushed out,The surrounding water column breaks directly at this moment,Xuanwu Tortoise looked at Lin Yan’s Nine Rank Jinlong for a moment,An ugly expression in his heart,From ancient times to the present, the high-level soul beast has never heard of the legend of the rank nine golden dragon,The unified soul beast family has existed for millions of years,At this moment it started to froze,And the rank 9 golden dragon roared so scared that it shrank directly in the shell。
“Hahaha,Pharaoh,Didn’t you just be awesome,come,Come catch me,Come catch me!”Lin Yan shook his ass at the Xuanwu turtle below him。
Xuanwu tortoise immediately leaked his head and looked angrily at the kid who mocked him in midair,Suddenly furious,The surrounding sea water turns into boiling water,Lin Yan was stunned and immediately alert,This should be a skill similar to a spirit ability,Can this 800,000-year-old basalt tortoise be able to perform can not be underestimated。
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