now,The real ontology blogger appeared behind Naruto。


“Shadow clone as bait,The main body took the opportunity to attack,Isn’t this a move that Naruto often used when he was young?。”Shikamaru said。
“While fighting,Don’t remind the enemy,Blogger。”Naruto said while kicking off the three shadow avatar bloggers,At the same time turning around and looking at the body blogger behind him, said,“Tu Dun·Earth flow wall!”
The earth wall appears between Naruto and Bo Ren,Naruto suddenly jumped into the air,Then the sun’s dazzling light,Interfere with bloggers’ sight。
“Ninjas have to learn to use their surroundings。”
“While fighting,Don’t remind the enemy,Smelly dad!”
Because of Naruto’s voice,Even with eyes closed,The blogger also determined the location of Naruto,Nine-tailed Chakra’s hand suddenly stretched out to grab Naruto in the sky。
“Learn fast,Blogger。”Naruto suddenly appeared behind Bo Ren and said。
“When.”Bo Ren looks at Naruto behind him,Another glance at Naruto who was caught by the hand of Nine-tailed Chakra。
suddenly,Naruto who was caught by the hand of Nine-tailed Chakra turned into white mist and disappeared。
When Naruto jumped into the air,Attacking with the dazzling sun rays,Also cast the shadow clone。
“anytime,I have to leave myself a retreat,Blogger。”Naruto looked at the blogger in front of him and said,“but,Anyway,You become stronger,Blogger。”
“Humph.You need to tell me.”Although I am happy with Naruto’s words,But the blogger still pretends that he is not uncommonly praised by Naruto。
“Although bloggers have indeed become stronger,After becoming golden, he looks more handsome,But the seventh generation of Hokage is really amazing。”Qiu Dao Didie said while stuffing potato chips into her mouth。
“Is this the battle of the seventh generation of Hokage-sama?,Just rely on a few simple ninjutsu,Plus good use of the environment,I was able to defeat Bo Ren so easily。”Zolena looked at Naruto off the court and said。
Naruto Office。
“Have a task,To you。”
“.what!Brother Konohamaru lost contact!”
After listening to Naruto’s explanation,The blogger made a surprised voice。
“Ok,This task is completed by the three of you,Simultaneously,Captained by Uchiha Mouse。”Although the strength of bloggers has indeed increased a lot,But the experience is too little。