Su Luo smiled:“no need,I can rest assured,What’s more, even if you are not satisfied, I will come to you again。”</p>


This rascal tone,Make Chen Xue shook her head helplessly。</p>
Then said again:“And one more thing,It’s about you want to make a web drama,Current venue,personnel,And director,All in place,When do you plan to start shooting,I want to remind you,The longer it takes,The more money will be spent。”</p>
Hear this,Su Luo lost his thoughts,Tao:“Just these,Wait for me to finish some things,Just start,I don’t want to drag on。”</p>
Chen Xue nodded,From a file on the desk,Extract some information,Tao:“This is after the director read the script,Some suggestions for improvement of script shooting issues,Have time to take a look,Give me an answer。”</p>
Su Luo took it over,Nodded:“Row,I know。”</p>
Paused,He spoke:“correct,And our rules,What do you plan to do with the yearning side?”</p>
Chen Xuedao:“I will direct our rules to them,You are not suitable for this show,Best to cancel,If you can’t, try to delay as much as possible,I want to let you live as usual,After all, there is no danger,Don’t have to do any rough work。”</p>
“Ok,alright,Just do as you do。”Su Luo pondered for a moment,Agreed to Chen Xue’s approach。</p>
Before leaving,Su Luo didn’t forget to tease。</p>
“Sure enough, every agent is Zhou Peipi,He was so badly injured,Still have to work,Unreasonable。”</p>
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Ask for monthly pass for subscription</p>
Book Friends:</p>
Welcome to join the group,Talk about blowing water。</p>
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