“Say,You can’t give us a gift.。”Gu He Dynasty looked at Lin Feng smile。


“it is good,I will say it.,Our family wants to cooperate with Jiu Domain!”Lin Feng carrys the double hand。
“Ha ha,The family is actually working with us.?”
“it’s so funny,Actually dare to cooperate with us?”
“Is it coming??”
“Definitely come to recognize,I thought it would be much more powerful.?”
Many saints heard in the sky and smiled,Among the magic cloud,Wolf can’t,The ancient Shengwei is waiting for half a step, but it is looking for each other.,They are a little incredible,The people actually come to cooperate。
http://www.etogps.cn “Boy,Our nine areas immediately attacked people,Your people are in danger of danger,What qualifications are eligible to cooperate??”Birds are laughing and laughing。
“good,Is there any qualifications and our cooperation??Even if the family can make,We also have a way to let him fall.!”The wolf can’t laugh。
“Give a reason to,Can’t give,You stay here today.,His day will send your head to the people can be used as a gift。”The magic cloud eyes are staring at Lin Feng Road.。
“as far as I know,You deal with our ethnic means is a set of array,This is the name of the gods of all days.,Taking the gods of the world as the foundation,Gather28Saints!”Lin Feng smiled and looked at the ancient devil。
“You all know?”
The ancient gods heard the face.,Other many semi-steps and saints have come out。
“We can certainly know,However, why do these people do not have a big family?。”Lin Feng looked at ancient devil and others:“Even if you use all the bottom,Only spelling a two defeat!”
Tell this,Ancient volunteers and other half-step gods are looking at each other.,Each face is changing。
“Do you want to cooperate??We want to see your guys.!”Ancient Evil is suddenly ambulance。
“good,Let us look at the energetic glow of others!”Birds day,The wolf can’t wait for half a step, but also stared at Lin Fengdao.。
They have a little doubt that the so-called people can do not exist at all.,Maybe this is。
If this is true,The people did not have negotiated qualifications at all.。
“Ha ha!”Lin Feng heard the laughter:“It seems that you still doubt your true authenticity of my people.,So it is highly to carry a letter.。”Lin Feng took a heavyweight hydrogen bomb between talking。
“this is?”Ancient volunteers look at the things in Lin Feng hands:“It is an ordinary utensil.!”He didn’t feel any strength fluctuations from inside.,Similar to a broken copper rotten http://www.zzplot.cn iron almost。
Chapter 1,356 Powerful deterrence
NS1356Chapter strong deterrence
“what is this?”
Birds day,Wolf can’t,Magic cloud, etc., it is also frowning this hydrogen bomb.,Lin Feng actually took out a thing to make them。
This doesn’t have any breath.。
“My people can get into a new field in the wild.,This is his seal.,Power is not very powerful,However, it can also show some of the people can have some means.。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Seal Unit,Can explode?”
Ancient,Birds day,Wolf can’t,Sweey is dead, staring at Lin Feng’s hydrogen bomb.,Including other saints is also dead staring at this thing,This thing is exploded。
Can afford to pass hundreds of miles,Quite horror。
Magic river domain,Disabled domain,Ice cold domain died in this thing tens of millions of troops,Directly led to the http://www.fuming365.cn doubts about these big domains,Then, the three domains make them tested by the people.。
It can be said that these half-step gods and saints can sit here.,Everything because of the seal of the eyes。