A tall man wearing a red armor is coming out,Sasuke pupil。


“this is?Did I live?”This person is wearing a wooden leaf,Some stiffness,Face is also full of cracks,There is also a pair of black eyes,This is the symbol of the twisted。
“Actually, it is a first generation.”Sasuke a bite,However, there are some abnormalities in the state of the euro-to-earth development.,There should be no way to play full,I still have a chance。
“what,Write wheel eye,Is there a Zhiso family?,This pair is really missing.,But this body。。。。”
at this time,The body of the initial generation is jitter.。
It turned out that the big snake pills were inserted into the initial generation.,Then these suffering will slowly incorporate。
“hehe,This body is that I use my current body.,Carefully modulated,Can play all the strengths of the initial generation”The big snake pill is revealed brutal smile。
The first generation of the eyes lost their spirits,The obvious big snake pill left a limit to the initial generation,As the most http://www.szkulove.cn anticipated person,The initial generation is impossible to be so easy to break through。
After implantation,The power limit of the initial generation is completely unspeakable,He is beginning to emerge,The crack on the face is constantly disappearing,Get more like a living。
“Damn。。。。”Sasukes become serious。
Ophthalmology,Then Sasuke’s eyes,A burst of black inflammation appeared on the initial generation。
“Tianzhao?,It’s useless,Druro is not afraid of this”Big snake pill quickly jumped backwards,The flame of the sky is not easy to touch.。
But Sasuke is not ready to let him,His left eye flows out of blood,Black Yan chasing big snake pills quickly spread。
But immediately a movie is in front of him.,It is the initial generation of burning black inflammation.。
“not good”Shocked。
Sasukes that http://www.cchxsgc.cn were shrouded by purple Chakra went out,Sasuke in Chakra is wrapped in a huge sternum package,Surface explosion large amount of smoke。
Sasuke in order to resist the initial attack,Open the must。
“Strong power”Sasukes say some difficulties。
“Is it the same strength??But useless,Even the Yuxi Boss of your family is not an initial one’s opponent,You are useless.”Big snake pill。
At this time, there are black inflammation at this time.。
Sasuke also stood up,His must have a black inflammation that has been contaminated by an initial attack,Fall into the ground。
“It’s just your embarrassment.,My black infusion is not afraid of”The two eyes of Sasuke flow out of blood。
A huge purple 骷髅 fast is now,In the case of a forgive, I took the initial generation of it.。
“hehe,Do you really think this?”The big snake pulse is cold。
The first generation of landing stood up,Faceless start printing。
Then he is on the ground。
The constant root must take it from the ground,Sasuke’s feet are also flipping,Let him have some stations。
“this is。。。。”
A large amount of trees form fast,Green leaf derived,Then a forest appeared in a broad desert。
A wonderful view。
“Amaterasu”Sasuke in the forest looks at the root must be ejected,I will launch the sky directly.。