It is important for the three manifestations of adolescent “sex” to be properly guided.


It is important for the three manifestations of adolescent “sex” to be properly guided.

The three manifestations of adolescent “sex” germination have a strong interest in sexual knowledge. The closure of adults and society has aroused their rebellious psychology. They don’t talk about textbooks. Naturally, there are a lot of low-level fun, and even manuscripts and other things come to the door., vote for it.

Scientific knowledge should be like vaccination, which can enhance their immunity and resistance. Unfortunately, this vaccination is still too little and too little.

Like to approach the opposite sex Goethe said: “This boy is not good, the girl is not good for spring.

Under the action of sex hormones, the psychology of adolescents who want to love or love the opposite sex is reasonable and reasonable. It is the embodiment of their sexual development.

Unfortunately, because their sexual psychology is far less mature than sexual physiology, there are two very different situations.

This has caused them to not properly handle the psychological changes at this stage. Some people say that they are the easiest to fall in love with, and they yell that most of the middle school students are in love. In fact, their psychological situation at this time is not a lover, but only limited to the general yearning.Love, nothing to do with love.

Sexual desires and sexual impulses are dominated by the rapid rise of sex hormone levels after sexual maturity. However, people’s thinking is developed and thought-provoking, so people’s instinctive impulses can be controlled by the brain’s rationality, not letting it be like a flood.Flooding everywhere.

Therefore, it is reasonable to recognize that the sexual impulses that adolescents present at this time are just to guide them to treat and deal with these problems correctly.

Sexual desires and sexual impulses can neither be unhealthy or low-level thoughts, and thus blame or guilty; do not make desires control themselves, break through the constraints of morality and sexual civilization, and imitate the sexual freedom and sex of the West.Liberation, resulting in sexually transmitted infections, unmarried pregnancies and other uncivilized consequences, causing serious damage to their limbs.

These are the normal adolescent psychology of the child. Parents should pay attention not to blindly suppress the reprimand because of the child’s curiosity about sex. It is necessary to take scientific and correct ways to guide your child to the correct rational cognition.

This will allow your child to walk through adolescence safely.