Smelly and itchy feet, long-term cure?



Eggs with rice water, easy to cure athlete’s foot at home

Smelly and itchy feet, long-term cure?
Eggs with rice water, easy to cure athlete’s foot at home

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Recently, the weather is getting colder and colder. We must wear thick shoes and socks in order to keep warm, but the breathability is not good, it is easy to cause the shoes to be wet, especially the people who are usually easy to sweat, and take off the shoes., and easy to get athlete’s foot.

Once you have your athlete’s foot, you will always endure the pain of your feet, feet, and foot odors, and then continue to spread to your family and friends.

If the treatment is not thorough, it will be very easy to cause duplication.

In the process of treating athlete’s foot, it is easy for everyone to walk into the following error zone, resulting in repeated athlete’s foot.

1, messy medication.

Athlete’s foot is a skin disease caused by microbial infection, but depending on the individual’s constitution, the symptoms are different. Some athletes with athlete’s foot are arbitrarily used after getting sick, and the messy hormonal cream is not just impossible to kill.Causes an athlete’s condition to worsen.

2, the treatment is not thorough.

Treatment of athlete’s foot requires antihypertensive treatment, generally using topical drugs, but fungi are generally hidden in the thick cuticle of the soles of the feet. Many patients in the course of treatment, athlete’s foot symptoms have just improved, they immediately stop the drug, the resultsThe decomposition is not completely eliminated, so it will still cause regeneration.

3, at different times for treatment.

The athlete’s foot is particularly contagious. In addition to infecting family members and friends, it will spread in itself, causing other skin diseases such as handcuffs, hyperthyroidism, and body sputum. If not treated at the same time, it will cause the athlete’s foot to cross each other.Infection, which causes athlete’s foot.

4, only care about the affected area, missing blind spots.

In the process of treating athlete’s foot, only the drug is applied to the affected area, and some lesions without external manifestation are ignored. When the external conditions are suitable, these lesions will still be caused, so during the medication,Must be comprehensive.

The athlete’s foot is actually not difficult to treat. Next, I will introduce you to several methods to treat the athlete’s foot.

1, prepare 1 fresh egg, 1000ml twice rice water, first wash the foot with rice water for 10 minutes, then apply the white film in the egg shell to the affected part of the athlete’s foot, keep 1-2 hours, once a day, bothIt has a good bactericidal effect and can repair the skin.

2, if the usual sweating of the feet is more serious, we can prepare a few loofah, and then use heavy objects to press it into the insole, change into the shoes every day, you can also remove athlete’s foot, appropriate relief of athlete’s foot symptoms.

3, Chinese medicine sterilization essence.

“Skin Clinical” introduces a topical essence of pure Chinese medicine – Niu Professor Skinkang.

Extracting various natural extracts such as Sophora flavescens, Kochia scoparia, Cnidium, etc., combined with modern small molecule pulverization and extraction, the traditional medicinal value of herbs is maximized by traditional cold distillation technology.

The pure herb is mild and non-irritating, comfortable and refreshing, and it can penetrate quickly and is more conducive to skin absorption.

Decomposes odor, deep bacteriostasis, and antibacterial and antibacterial effect is 99%.

Moreover, Niu Professor Shen Kang can repair the sweat glands of the feet, reduce the production of sweat, thereby slowing the growth of bacteria, and starting from the roots to solve the problem of athlete’s foot.

The effect is very remarkable. Now I can find it in Taobao. You don’t hinder to find out!

If you want your athlete’s foot to not recur, daily prevention is also very important.

1, away from hot and humid environment, and reduce activities, do not eat spicy food, avoid excessive sweating on the feet, increase athlete’s foot.

2, keep the feet clean and dry, usually wear breathable shoes and socks, and wash your feet, change shoes and socks.

3, slippers, bath towels, footbath and other sanitary items should be dedicated, and do not walk around the sewage to prevent infection by dust.