Men’s best confession to women


Men’s best confession to women

1. Don’t think that a flat chest means that you have a brain. Don’t think that you are plump if you are stupid.

Basically no man is stupid enough to think that there is any connection between the brain and the skull 2. Do you love you?

Don’t keep asking me this question.

You do n’t say anything, you cry; hesitating for a while, you say not firmly; you blurt out and you say too false.

There is only one if in the man’s dictionary: if you want to ask my “if” my mother fell into the river with you, what should I do, I will think you are in a spell and would like to draw you.

  3, don’t tm coquettish people.

If you are not important, why do you have to answer the same question 10 times a day?

Even tm is sick!

  4. Sex is far more important to men than you think.

If you are tired of you, it will be sexual first.

  5. Your new clothes are even money. Holding your purse, how do you let the even slap your ass?

What’s more, you change every day, even if you’re tired of tm!

  6, don’t tm always do not know how to pretend, insist on using the power button to shut down, even the computer is tortured to death.

And your computer, see where are your tools installed?

c drive!

  7, when you want to be free, tm phone shut down; even when you are busy at work, and say I do not love you, tm crying!

  8. If it weren’t forcing you to give out the qq password, I would definitely have a lot of friends of the opposite sex!

Haven’t all your previous love letters been destroyed by you?

And your qq are all three. Is it necessary to apply for another one?

  9, don’t tm always call on occasional business trips to say you are ill.

If wages are always deducted, where does the money come from for you to eat that fancy trash Haagen-Dazs!

  10. Seeing beauty on the street is a man’s nature, don’t make a fuss.

Even to coax you to say that you are not as beautiful as you are, you still do n’t believe it.

-Tm crying again!

  11, don’t tm, while you want love, romance, romance, and occasionally to give you roses, and at the same time, you have to save money to buy a house and a car for you.

You tm think I have some legs with Gates!

  12, if it is occasionally cheating, think about who does not cooperate every time in bed.

If it’s your secret affair, divide it, and ask for it.

  13. Remember: the first person to have a relationship with a man in this world is always his right hand (or left hand), and there is a profession in this world called a chicken.