Although ginseng nourishes the five internal organs, insomnia should be used with caution


Although ginseng nourishes the five internal organs, insomnia should be used with caution

Valuable medicinal materials have always been a great gift for relatives and friends in the New Year and the New Year. It is a good time for tonics in the winter and spring. Many people want to take this opportunity to add a “protective barrier” to the body.

Ginseng protects the heart muscle, regulates blood pressure, and nourishes the internal organs, but those with insomnia should be used with caution.

  Efficacy: Ginseng is the king of herbs.

According to the introduction in the “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”, it mainly supplements the five internal organs, calms the nerves, relieves consternation, removes evil spirits, clear eyes, happy (happiness tricks) puzzle, Jiufu light and prolongs life.

Ginseng can strengthen the heart, protect the heart muscle, regulate blood pressure, blood lipids and blood glucose; regulate the nervous system, improve memory, improve blood supply and metabolism in the brain; enhance immune function, strengthen the body’s adaptability; have protective effects on hematopoietic function.

  Later generations summarized the efficacy of ginseng’s “big nourishing vitality, rejuvenating the veins and solidifying the veins”, which can be used for shock rescue.

Modern research has also found that ginseng can whiten skin care and fight aging.

  Usage: Start with a small dose and slowly increase it 2 times a day.
Take 3 grams of slices and take them to slowly dissolve the active ingredients in saliva.

Thoroughly soak in water, drink wine, and grind into powder.

  Contraindications: People with insomnia, neurasthenia, mental illness, high blood pressure, and renal insufficiency are not suitable to take, so as not to worsen the symptoms.

Patients with disease and stones should be used with caution or in small amounts as directed by your doctor. Children, pregnant women, and lactating women generally do not accept someone as a senator. If you are really weak, you can take it under the guidance of Chinese medicine.

  Eating too much ginseng can cause “ginseng metabolic syndrome”, which can cause symptoms such as nervous excitement, insomnia, and elevated blood pressure. Some people also show depression, decreased appetite, low blood pressure, and sensitivity.