Light body 12 strokes



Light body 12 strokes

A reasonable diet should be matched every three meals a day; high quality breakfast, a variety of lunches, light and light dinner.

Example: Breakfast, a glass of milk or soy milk, a bread with eggs, fluff or fish fillets.

An orange or pomelo: For lunch, have a delicious staple food, a bowl of puree, fresh fruit; dinner, vegetable salad, a small bowl of rice or noodles.

Some lean meats.

This method is very effective because the body absorbs calories from the food.

It takes time to consume, and eating breakfast and lunch is rich enough to give the body plenty of time.

There are facts that the French are slimmer than the Americans, who are offering 60% of calories at French lunches, while Americans have higher calories before dinner.

Some dieters use the weight of breakfast and diet to achieve weight loss. This dieting method can easily cause dieters to lose control during dinner and eat more.

  The most important thing about restaurant weight loss is self-discipline. Follow this rule. You don’t have to quit eating animal oil, sorghum and other high-quality foods.

Just remember to always eat high-level foods when you dine at the restaurant.

In this way, in front of friends, you are a very easy-going person like everyone else, everyone will envy your still slim posture.

  The external lunch method is based on the calorie consumption. When you are eating out, you should choose a lunch party as soon as possible.

It’s best to have a rich lunch at half-time after lunch so that you won’t be too hungry when you eat dinner.

  It is possible to take some time to explore this trick – where is the most ideal “zone” for not being hungry or not.

Once you get used to it, it will naturally be appropriate in the future, and you will eat more and feel uncomfortable.

  When the exquisite diet method goes out, McDonald’s is chosen, and Ken Deji and others recall that the shop is often uncontrolled.

Want to be slim forever, you should choose a high-end restaurant.

Basically, its price makes you afraid to eat more, and you will be very picky about food in that delicate environment.

  Drinking plenty of water and drinking more water can help you avoid the idea of eating snacks.

In addition to boiling water, you will naturally have many beverage substitutes that exclude more sugar.

  You should store some vegetables and fruits, and wash them and cut them. When you have a feeling of obesity, you will naturally think of these high-fiber, vitamin-rich green foods.

  The low-fat snack potato chips, nuts, sweets, chocolate and other high-fat foods are really delicious.

You don’t have to “abuse” yourself.

Just remember to buy some when you are not eating them, and you should buy the best.

This way you won’t be able to eat it in a blink of an eye.

  Just eating a meal, many people think that eating snacks or eating snacks without traces can be less fat, in fact, eat those things that are not beautiful, but still have calories, it is better to eat a good meal.

  Hide the cowboy method. You will always keep a pair of jeans that are worn when you are the most slim, and then often try it out.

This way you will be sure to control your rate of fattening in a timely manner.

  The bathroom mirror is in your bathroom, you should have a large mirror that can cover your body.

This way you can care about your slimness every day.

Don’t underestimate it, many models do it.

  Beauty depends on the law, you have to look more beautiful, so you often have a slim standard in your heart.

This will strongly inhibit you from putting your body in an indifferent attitude.