Cousin told him some attractions,Guan Hao is very interested in Wuyi Mountain,First, the unique Danxia landform and graceful and beautiful natural scenery of Wuyi Mountain have long attracted him,The second is where Xia Jihan used to work when she was pregnant with a baby。For her life after she left him,He wants to touch、I want to really feel。So I wanted to go to Wuyi Mountain first。


then,On a sunny morning,Guan Hao’s family and Doudou,Cousin’s spacious BMW,Say goodbye to big sister,Go straight to Wuyi Mountain。
It’s almost time for Kyushu Tea Research Institute and Kyushu Ecological Tea Garden,The sky floated with drizzle,More and more green、Tree green。Guan Hao lowered the window to a two-finger wide slit,Immediately there was a fine rain drifting in,Doudou and the baby exclaimed:
“Hehe,Rain is coming!
The Wuyi Mountain in my impression should be a deep mountain and dense forest hidden in a corner of southern Fujian,Should be tall,Handsome,Majestic;But I knew it before my eyes,Actually she is very delicate、Very graceful,Even the mountain peaks are made round and gentle by the Danxia landform。At this time due to the drizzle,Flying over chaotic clouds in Wuyi Mountain,Extraordinarily mysterious and enchanting。Clouds linger in the mountains,Hazy the whole mountain;The vegetation is lush on the rocks,The new tea has sprouts long ago,Layers of new green are climbing up the rock,Together with this mountain scenery。
Came to Li Wei’s office,Li Wei introduced his company to Guan Hao,He pointed to the location and main functions of the branches of Kyushu Group on the wall,Finally, the hand fell on the sign of a tea tree in Hangzhou,Said:“This is the largest ecological tea planting base overseas in our province。If you don’t come, I should be here now。”
Li Wei led him to visit the research institute and a tea factory。At this moment,The patter of rain has stopped,The sea of clouds in the distance,Mountains and mountains,Looming,Don’t have a view,The air is very fresh。Doudou and baby are playing outside,Xia Jihan is helping Doudou to collect wild flowers。Li Wei said with a smile:“Xiaoxia will take you to the next visit,Take a look at our tea garden,Then walk again along Xiaoxia’s footsteps。”
Guan Hao wore a smoky gray casual outfit today,Travel shoes,More and more chic and handsome。Li Wei suggested they take a battery car,Because it just rained on the road。After the battery car comes over,Doudou and baby got in the car first,Xia Jihan asked Li Wei if there was anything else,Li Wei said no,She said, let’s go around together。Guan Hao said:“Since cousin is fine, let’s go。”
Baby said:“Uncle,Sit in the middle。”
Battery car driving on the mountain road,A breeze blows,Guan Hao breathed the fresh air,Feel refreshed。They stopped by a bamboo building,The bamboo building is backed by the tea mountain,On both sides is a large tea garden,And a few laurels。Doudou and baby got out of the car,Playing in a small stream。Xia Jihan followed them every step of the way。
340Fainted at first attack
Li Wei laughed when he heard it,Said:“When Xiaoxia came,I said let her be a civilian for me at the Fuzhou headquarters,Not tired,The important thing is to be close to the city,It’s convenient for checking the body or having a baby in the future,But she doesn’t listen,I want to show me the tea garden,I said it was a rough job,At that time, she said she had taken a fancy to the scenery here。
.Now you say that again,No wonder you are a couple。”