But he still persuades her calmly,Like coaxing a disobedient child:“Stop crying, okay?You should be dizzy again when you cry。Think about it,If the disease is not cured,The consequences are quite serious。For baby and me,Alright?”


She can’t control herself anymore,Whimper,Hug him tightly,Crying heartbroken,Breathless,Gradually losing strength。
Guan Hao’s tears also came out silently,At that moment he felt he was too selfish!He can’t do without her,He can’t live without her,He has no choice。He had consulted David、Zhang Zhenhe Feng Chun,If it recurs,Can only operate again。This is the only way to continue life,There is no alternative to surgery,All he can do is send her to the operating table again。
Although this decision is so cruel to her,But he can’t,Really no way。Like he said,He can’t have any risks!
He knows the pain of surgery,Especially know the pain of postoperative treatment。See her in pain,He is more painful。but,No matter how painful,Also defeat it!
then,He shook her and said:“Lili,Listen to me,Last time,Don’t we all survive??this time,We can survive。I’ll be with you。”
Xia Jihan stopped talking,She doesn’t want to insist on her opinion anymore。No surgery,My pain may be much less,but,For relatives, it will bear more!She didn’t want him to be so heavy and painful,I even regret it in the future。She wants to perfect her lover,Fulfill his love。Even though she knows**Still spirit,Bear more,But she also has no choice。
She nodded vigorously in his arms。Raise hand,Touched his face,Said:“Ok,I’ll listen to you。”
Guan Hao hugged her tightly,Kissed her forehead。
Actually she knows,He is more painful than himself。I amicuIn the ward,He passed out。For a period of time,He faces the blow of losing her every moment,This taste is more uncomfortable。
Thought of here,Tears came out again,She lifted up,Looked at him and said:“just,You have to work hard again。”
Guan Hao pouted at her and said:“You want you to be obedient,I don’t work hard。”
She nodded:“Ok”With a,Then he moved in front of him,Pouting own lips,Gave him a kiss on his warm lips,Again。And kissed his smooth chin softly,She sticks out her tongue,Licking his chin with the tip of his tongue,Feel the hardness of stubble。
Guan Hao gently pushed her away,Said:“be honest,Lie down。”
She didn’t lie down,But kissing his nose and ears again,Still sucking his earlobe,His eyes。At last,Stay on his gentle lips。He was unmoved,But it doesn’t seem to affect her to kiss him。She kissed him softly,Put his tongue into his mouth,Looking for him,Take the initiative to wrap his tongue。
She suddenly remembered that English song,Sung by the Italian blind singer Andre Boccini《Affectionate kiss》。
kiss Me,Kiss me deeply,