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Chapter Eighty Five Throw to Siberia
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“Qin Liang,These are the bodyguards who saved me,I think since they admitted wrong,forget about it,They are just eating together,There are young and old at home,They saved me too,Not let the wicked men Ouhua and Ouyang succeed,Just forgive them。”Shen Ruoxi said。
To be honest,Does Shen Ruoxi have such great energy for Qin Liang?,To make these fierce bodyguards so scared,Because Qin Liang looks in her eyes,Nothing scares her,Like an ordinary young person in society,Foolish,Cynical waiting,In Qin Liang’s body,What’s different is that Qin Liang is much more handsome than the average young people in society,And will get a lot more,Cook rice、housework、Carer, etc.,Everything will。But since Ma Xing said the people who gave her the necklace are very powerful,Shen Ruoxi is also dubious。So she also begged Qin Liang for Ma Xing.。
Of course Qin Liang didn’t know what Shen Ruoxi was thinking,But since Ma Xing saved Shen Ruoxi,And tied up Ouhua and Ouyang,Send here,Obviously knowing that I provoke someone who shouldn’t be offended,Writing this letter is to show Qin Liang that they are only working for Ouhua and Ouyang,I didn’t know it was a friend from the Dragon Soul organization,So now they tie Ouhua and Ouyang,To Qin Liang,Is to distinguish the relationship with Ouhua and Ouyang,Ask Qin Liang for forgiveness。
Qin Liang saw Ma Xing and others rescued Shen Ruoxi,Since Shen Ruoxi also said to forgive them,He also pushed the boat along the way,Following the meaning of Shen Ruoxi,Said that Ma Xing and others will not be held accountable again,But Qin Liang naturally told a little lie,Said this necklace was given by a good friend of Dragon Soul,He transferred it to Shen Ruoxi again,So he said,Will tell his friends,Don’t hold Ma Xing to blame。
Forgive Ma Xing, those who can be bodyguards,But Ouhua and Ouyang,Qin Liang didn’t plan to let them go,But Qin Liang couldn’t just kill two people like this,He thought about it,I picked up my phone and dialed the phone of my cousin’s husband Xiao Huahan。
Xiao Huahan’s sissy voice immediately rang on the phone。
“Ouch,Liangliang。Call someone so late,Do you miss others??”
Listen to what Xiao Huahan said,Qin Liang glanced awkwardly at Shen Ruoxi and Shen Ruoxue.,Fortunately, the phone is not hands-free,If Shen Ruoxi and Shen Ruoxue heard Xiao Huahan’s voice,I would mistake him for a gay,Then it really makes sense。
Qin Liang quickly clutched his phone,And Xiao Huahan:“Cousin,Stop playing。I have a schedule to ask you,Let you do it。”Speaking of Qin Liang, Shen Ruoxi was kidnapped by Ouhua and Ouyang,Bad intentions,I told Xiao Huahan。
Xiao Huahan was also very angry on the phone,Ouhua and Ouyang did not know the heights,Pay attention to the wife who dares to beat Qin Liang。
“What do you do with these two people?”Xiao Huahan asked。
“Ended them both at once,It would be too cheap for them,I want them to suffer slowly before they die。I think the cold Siberia,Quite appropriate,If they can survive,That’s their skill,If you can’t survive,Don’t blame me。Cousin,You just send these two people there。”
“Haha,Pay attention to this,I will go now,Take these two beasts away。”