“Is it now,You still have a way to sincerely wish Xie Yunchu and the other girls happiness?”Ou Zhaozhao is also curious。


Baby Ou, pouting,After a while,“I can’t help it。he’s mine。”Is my Ou Baobao person。
Ou Zhaozhao is sour,But I also know that this is not the time to laugh at my girl,Just go on,“Since there is no way,Then don’t doubt yourself。Xie Yunchu is not confident now,Why did you get infected by him?Pro treasure,Look objectively,you,he,Just look at you two objectively,You will find,He really doesn’t deserve you。Just ask someone to ask,Will be the answer。”
“This is what Xie Yunchu knows well,That’s why he is worried about gains and losses,Always nervous。This is a very real problem,Not manpower can solve it。Objective conditions are absolutely objective existence,As a person in this existence,You have to do your best to respond。Keep the relationship hot,Not cold。”
Ou Zhaozhao thought for a while,“You said he seems to be like Monkey King always beating monsters,this point,Actually quite normal。Because he is Bute Mawen,Isn’t it fighting to defeat the Buddha?.”how to say,“in fact,We still hope Xie Yunchu can work harder,Truly overcoming obstacles,Lose yours。Because of your relationship,Seems to be the stability of childhood sweethearts,But actually,some of,Too many things mixed up.”
“The Xie family has always tied Xie Yunchu to you,In the early years because you can bless him,later,Because of the partnership between Xie’s and Daou。Xie’s attitude towards Daou,Needless to say,You can see it too?They are relying on your feelings for Xie Yun,Take advantage at will but don’t want to pay。Xie Yunchu is a true love for you,I can sacrifice my life for you,But this does not affect the relationship between him and you,Development Xie。”
Ou Zhaozhao said so bluntly for the first time,“Your complicated or even asymmetrical relationship,Follow the routine of film and television series,His ultimate goal,Is to get Daou,And then kill you,The best result is to give you sterilization medicine,Finally sent you to a psychiatric hospital to recuperate。It’s Phoenix Male Route, right?。I know,What does Xie Yunchu think?,Will not be the role script of this Phoenix male line.”
“but,Human heart,how to say,Unsure。In case he is really ambitious in the future,or,Because of your complicated relationship,Words that feel tired and humiliated,Then,He has been overcoming all obstacles in the hard past,Will become a fuse to stop him。This is like sunk cost。The more you give,The more reluctant to let go.”
Ou Zhaozhao looked at her daughter tenderly and lovingly,“Only after ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties,Gotten,Is the truth。Even if it is difficult,All fetched are fake。Sweat beads fell to the ground,Planted fruit,Is the best,Also the most reluctant to eat。do you understand?In my personal experience,the man,Most of the conscience is based on giving。The more you pay,Will have a conscience。A man who doesn’t pay at all,Ninety-nine percent have no conscience。”
“Conscience is a good thing,Much more reliable than love。Two people in love,In the beginning it relied on love,One or two years later,It depends on conscience。”
Ou Zhaozhao didn’t know what he said,For the relatives who are still in love,Would it be too cruel。but,Now that the words have reached this point,Then she must speak up。Marriage and love,Is totally different。How many people can complete a ten-year love long-distance race,But can’t survive three years of marriage.
Baby Ou actually thinks,Mom is a bit alarmist。But she understands the truth,Not to mention,I must listen to mom。
“Then I will stand still,Do not,I still take a step,then,The remaining ninety-nine steps,Let Xiaoyun go alone。I’ll wait for him to come over。”
Ou Zhaozhao laughed,Kinda literary,Follow,And told Bao Bao to eat well and go to work,Stop torturing subordinates in meetings。
Baby Ou nodded honestly。but,She tortured her subordinates at the meeting.
At last,Ou Zhaozhao still doesn’t give up,“I really can’t get Xie’s stuff?”
Baby Ou hung up speechlessly。Don’t grab food,Not safe。
After deciding the practice of quietly watching,Baby Ou really doesn’t say anything to help。Xie Yunchu is also thinking,Relieved。He is really worried that his treasure will love him because of his heart,Just rush.I’m not grateful or grateful,But he can accept it personally,Does not mean that Xie’s family can accept。