When Zhang Qinghuan gets dressed,When walking with other teammates on the training ground,He finally understood what happened to Hu Lai。


He saw that before the training started,Hu Lai is already wearing training clothes on the training ground,There is also a three-person filming team around him。
A cameraman with a machine,A sound engineer,There is also a reporter。
Hu Lai is talking to the camera lens,Facial expression is very relaxed,With a smile。
And standing next to the photographer,The reporter Chen Jianyu who was with the team diagonally across from Hu Lai put his arms around his chest,Listening,Nod from time to time,With a relaxed smile on his face。
As the players participating in training are all here,Start warming up,The film crew did not leave either,But stand on the sidelines,Hold the machine to continue shooting。
Obviously this is not a simple news interview。
It should be a special video shoot。
Zhang Qinghuan guessed inside。
if it is like this,The meaning is different。
It means that the club is willing to focus more publicity resources on the player,On the other hand, it also means that the player interviewed is no longer just an ordinary player.,And have become“Star”Qualifications。
I want to be in the capital Tamron,After he emerged,It immediately attracted the attention of Capital Satellite TV,Under the arrangement of the club,I made myself a half-hour special video。
He wasn’t fully famous at that time。
But when the video was broadcast on TV,He quickly became famous in the capital fan circle,I’ll be recognized at a glance on the street,I’ve also met a enthusiastic brother who didn’t charge him for the car when I took a taxi.。
Precisely because of this experience,Zhang Qinghuan knows too well the power of traditional media exposure like TV。
Although it is the Internet age,However, the status of traditional media such as TV stations in the hearts of most people is still very high.。