Pure natural game,Although there is no seasoning, it is still delicious。


Patted a full belly,Suddenly there was a huge movement in the distance。
Tang Chen’s face changed slightly,Feeling a dark and powerful creature approaching。
Just turned around and wanted to leave,A pink figure darted past him.
004 Rebirth Eye Soul Clothes Mode!
“Run fast~”
Tang Chen hasn’t reacted yet,The body was driven to run。
“amount.What’s the situation?”
“Do not talk nonsense,Keep running!”
The girl screamed again,Holding Tang Chen’s hand harder,The speed has also increased a lot。
Dense trees in the forest,Can’t stop her at all。
Tang Chen feels a little struggling,This kind of super fast rush is very physical,Can only use spirit power blessing。
Discomfort in the body disappears,Can finally check the current situation。
Girl in a short pink skirt,White stockings plus leather shoes,Shows a sense of charm that does not match the age。
And the monster chasing behind,Was also clearly captured by the reincarnated eyes。
One is more than ten meters long,A terrifying giant snake with a crown on the head,Passing fast among the trees。
Obviously faster than them,It’s only a matter of time to catch up。
“Sister,what happened?”