Yes,Lin Zhiqiang from the Lin Group was paralyzed in bed,It’s been many years,They also know this,How could you do so many bad things??


“How did he force the employees to die?He took office as chairman of the New Century Group in less than a month,How did you owe employees’ wages for one or two years??”
Daigo initiation,The audience was awakened!
Yes indeed,Even New Century Group has only recently been established,Why are you in arrears of wages for one or two years?
This is obviously someone trying to discredit him on purpose。
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One Dutiful son turns into a liar
As for what Lin Zhicheng said,That’s probably fake too,Although Lin Zhiqiang was also an executive of the Lin Group before,But he is not the only executive in the Lin Group。
Lam group veterans including Lin Zhihao,All executives,It’s impossible for him to take Lin’s property so easily。
not to mention,Lin Zhiqiang was still in a state of needing care。
Lin Zhicheng’s whole body was agitated by Qin Shi’s cold tone,This voice,Seems to have heard it somewhere。
“and,as far as I know,Lin Zhiqiang that year’s car accident,Is it caused by Lin Zhicheng sitting on the TV?!”
“In order to seize Lin’s industry,Lin Zhicheng, you sent someone to drive and hit your own brother,Made my father a stroke,Now pour dirty water on brother,Inhumane,It’s you。”
Instant time,The TV station is silent,All the viewers watching this show in front of the screen,It’s silent。