Did not wait for a few people to respond,Smile and don’t worry,Start to walk slowly outward,Slow and strong。


At this moment,Shouted nameless“Last sword,I’ll let you go if I can catch it”
I don’t know when,Wuming has taken out the Xuanyuan Sword for worship,Great Sword Flying,Nameless use all skills,Xuanyuan sword is like a ring,Stab to smile and smile。
Smile and turn around,Become a dragon turtle,Defensively。
Xuanyuanjian confronts Dragon Turtle phantom。
Jianguang and the ghost of the dragon turtle constantly confronted,Stalemate together。
Suddenly,Wuming felt that the Xuanyuan sword in his hand exuded a suction,Began to absorb the power of the dragon turtle。
The dragon turtle phantom began to fade with extremely fast power。
Xiaosanxiao has long since gone calm and calm,Dragon tortoise is everything。
No dragon turtle blood,Xiaosanxiao has died thousands of years ago。
“drink,Thunderous”Smile like crazy,Desperately urge one’s own thousand years。It also outputs the thunder and thunder of the four extinct species,A huge force shook Wuming and Xuanyuanjian back。
Three smiles turned into a stream of light,Going to escape。
“Leave the head of god”Bai Suzhen yelled,Chased the past。
Although the three smiles are powerful,But dragon turtles are not good at speed。Seeing Bai Suzhen gradually approach,It’s easy to make a decision with a smile。
“Give you”Reach out,God’s head is still out。
“Don’t,Don’t give him your true spirit”God sees that he wants to give Bai Suzhen his head, where would he agree?,But his request was not within the scope of Xiaosanxiao’s consideration,He was thrown to Bai Suzhen。