Anyway, the year-end bonus has already been received,A seven-day salary is a matter of hundreds of dollars,Deduct it。


Even if Fang Hao’s career is unstable in the future,Need her to find another job,A college graduate,It should not be too difficult to find a clerical job with a monthly salary of more than 3,000,I just don’t know if I’m so idle。
But tomorrow is New Year’s Eve,There is no need to ask for leave at night,So as not to be unhappy during the new year,Let’s talk about it after the Chinese New Year。
The first night spent here,Neither of them slept well。
This is not just strange to Ye Wenwen,For Fang Hao,Is also a brand new place,From house to furniture,Nothing he used to be familiar with,There are so many bed choices。
Anyway, I can’t sleep over and over,Might as well do something else,Can burn excess fat,And promote each other’s feelings。
Just like that,Over and over,Over and over……
I didn’t fall asleep until about three or four o’clock。
Du Fang’s mother was woken up at seven in the morning,Breakfast is ready,Want two people to eat。
When wake up,The whole person is still blind,A mess in my head,I can’t open my eyes,I can only pick up the phone and check WeChat,Look at Weibo again。
Shan Rou sent him WeChat,Said it was from his daughter that Fang Hao wanted to help the villager sell ponkan,Ask about how many goods are available,If there are more goods,She can get a car to Pengcheng,Hurry up on the eighth day of the eighth day to send New Year benefits to the employees of Hanshen Menswear。
——Normally, those things are posted before the new year,Hanshen menswear did send those things before the Chinese New Year。
but,The proprietress wants to pay for her own money and give some benefits to those employees after the Chinese New Year,No one will object。
How to say it is a company with thousands of people,One person one box,It’s a hundred thousand catties easily。
Fang Hao saw this news,Happy——Isn’t this just sending money??
I wanted to agree right away,But soon changed my mind,Reply Shan Rou: