See clearly Liao Wenjie,San female also loose tone,Automatically ignore his mouthful of flowers,Zhengzhi, a total of seven and miscellaneous。


“Ager,How can I come back so quickly?,Not to say that it is twelve o’clock??”
“How’s it going,Is the bone sent back??”
“Brother-in-law,They bully me。”
Sound is too messy,Like entering the duck farm,Liao Wenjie raises his hand to block your ears,Dark road, the value of this duckling field is too high.。
“Perfect,Death tape event has been resolved,I’m a little tired,You continue to watch TV,I went to the bathtub for a while.。”Liao Wenjie shrugged,Turned to the bathroom。
“Brother-in-law,I help you rub back……”
A hand knocks to stop,Come and tears the majesty,I will drive away the sister,Enter the bathroom after Liao Wenji,Before closing the door, slightly tick the mouth in the wild, I saw a look.。
Is a smile of winners!
Woman’s horses let her stop,I can think of tearing smiles,Suddenly gnaping teeth,Today’s shame,Come will be doubled。
Slag men fell below the negative bottom line,She is confident after a few months,Band with maternal,Happiness touches the stomach to tears and drink tea。
Think about where there is something wrong?,It seems that it is cheap to be slag.。
But that’s okay,Standard male may be the biggest winner,But she is not lost,Anyway, it’s right to tears.! ……
“Tear sister,You are a bit bullying.。”
Bathroom,Liao Wenjie is serious,Say to the tears of helping him:“I am an ordinary friend.,Colleagues are still in contact with contact,You tease her so,In case of her fighting spirit,I am afraid that it is to be counterproductive.,Originally, I have no interest in me.,Now I have to grab your boyfriend.,That is。”
“Which eye is you don’t have interest to you??”Come to tears, there is no goodness to say。
“Which eyes have seen,You think too much,冴子 is a good person,She will not mess up。”
Liao Wenjie 躺 躺,Laugh:“Don’t say that I have described she is too ugly.,Your current vinegar performance,My approach is right.。”
Come and tears,Faded dress,Long hair walk into the bathtub,Rebatch in Liao Wenjie chest,Complain:“Woman who is not jealous in the world,Only women who don’t love you,Do you think I do this? Who is it??”
“Good,You are most reasonable,I don’t say anything.。”
“This is almost……”
Come and tears,Draw a circle in Liao Wenjie chest:“fraud,There is so many secrets,The result is not to tell me.,I am laughing by her,Heart is broken。”
“real or fake,Let me see……”
Liao Wenji stares,Noddion:“It really is,Fortunately,impartial,I will try it to spend it back.。”
Chapter 399 No 10 years of cerebral thrombosis can’t say this
the next day,Liao Wenjie woke up in the middle of the living room,Pull out the hand in place,Push the arms and long legs on the body,Yiyi leaves the lipid powder,Wash to the bathroom。
Terrestrial god,Dusty,Disabate,One hundred years, don’t take a bath, you are not stinking.,Persistent every day to make yourself clear。
Don’t float,Or personal。
As for the shop in the middle of the living room,Didn’t happen last night,Just sleeping very well。
The cause is late,Come and tears yawning,I am sleeping in Liao Wenjie,By the way, the fox is。
Excellent feelings,Ubiquitous needle,Want to dig her corner,Do younger!
Never want to,Wild, scorpion has not started counterattack,Candid love as a firm back shield,Demolved the table on the spot。
She is afraid of ghosts,One person can’t sleep,I want to borrow my sister for a few nights.,Waiting for the elimination of fear, let people go back.。