Baozi ten dollars a cage,The price makes most people can accept。


The fritters are also a piece of money.,Originally, six dollars a pound,After changing a penny,Selling is more red。
These are not the most important,Li Hui Feng is an attitude of the Ye Shuangzhou。
The bosses of those stores see Li Hui Feng’s eyes are also full of inexplicable meaning.。
Li speaks from the wind to see those eyes,He understands that the leaves are already informing them.。
Just when Li Hui Feng is ready to find Xu Laifu,But I saw Xu Tianci with a group of people from the street.。
Everyone is equipped with a baton.。
Xu Tianci did not expect that he would encounter Li Hui Feng here.。
“Xu Tianci,Who gives you these things?”
“Hey-hey,Ye Shiji is equipped with,We are responsible for this patrol,In order to avoid thieves。”
“Other we all have no right to manage,Our main purpose is to maintain order。”
Finish,Xu Tianci has some wants to say。
Li Hui naturally also looks out。
I immediately laughed:“What else is there??”
“Hey-hey,I want to discuss with you.,Can I not give you three years??”
I heard Xu Tianci,Li Hui Feng wrinkled directly。
Want to repent?”
Somehow,Previously, Xu Tianci also felt again to face Li Hui Feng.,He can look light,However, Li Hui Feng was just frowning, gave him a lot of pressure.。
“Not repent,I feel that I can’t help anything here.,Instead, go to Tang Can, can help busy,Can also play my value。”
“The key is,I have already gave you a good job.,Highly objective,strong ability,Strong business,Not to solve things with fists。”
“It’s better than me, I don’t know how many times.。”
I heard Xu Tianci,Li Hui Feng is coming。
What is the man doing now??”
“Hey-hey,Arranged by me in the office,I have given him a copy of the brain.。”
Li Hui Feng looked at Xu Tianci。
Then touch the touch:“Row,Take me in the past,If you really have to tell you,Then you can leave,More than three years,You still have to ensure that the call is coming.,Can you do it??”
I heard that I can leave.,Xu Tianci is happy to hate it directly。
“Can,I promise can do it.。”
“go,I will take you to find him.。”
Say,Xu Tianci is also directly arranged to go to patrol.,Then took Li Hui’s welcome hall。
soon,It is also coming to the security room with Li Hui Feng.。
An easy work desk in the security room,A computer,Very empty。
And youth sitting in front of the computer table,Scen,Seeing Xu Tianci and Li Hui Rong,Tie up。
“Tianzhi brother,How come you?,I gave a view last night.,No one is lazy,And there is nothing situation,But someone peeing in Hutong,This matter must be fine according to the regulations.,I will take a screenshot to you for a while.,You will go directly to you.。”