Summer is coming,Special force, black cat,Subsequent returns。


Improvement plan for wearing water,His mind has long been there.。
So these two months,In addition to precipitation of yourself,The most important thing is to practice practice。
I will definitely use the secret treasure that is different from time flow rate.。
Two months old,It is nearly two years。
Summer thinks two years,You should be able to promote yourself to Ling Taiwan。
……Hour,Go back。
Blink,More than a month。
This day,Zhang Lao led a nursing teacher and refining,Looking for Wang Yuxin。
“Wang General Management,Take a look at time,Improvement plan over Xia Master……”“Xia Master has been closed,I have never seen it.。”
Wang Yuxin straightforward,Gaze,Laugh,“Old,I have heard that you have also developed an optimization solution.,It is better to introduce it.。”
“this……”Zhang Lao stunned,Smile,“indeed so,My improvement plan is originally required for future needs.……”Just half a month ago,Li Lao and Yan Ding have given a resignation to Wang Yixin。
Wang Yuxin repeatedly left,But the attitude of the two is very firm。
In fact, both parties know the reason.,Only not break。
finally,Wang Yixin has to agree。
Before the past,Li Qi’s three guarantees,Will not pass the body’s identity。
I will not go to the gods of the Haihai Chamber of Commerce.。
Here,Wang Yixin just laughed。
Every field has some unwritten rules,This is also the same.。
Wang Yixin is not worried about Li Lao to invest the Shenhai Chamber of Commerce.,Not worried about disclosing summer identity。
Unless he doesn’t want to live。
“Total Wang,The old man is moving directly,Xia Master is famous in the world,But in addition to knowing that he refines the four-product god archer.,I have never heard and have seen him still refining what careries.。”
Zhang Laoqi,“Even if the outside world does not strewaters and the secret treasure,How is his refiner?,I don’t know anything.,You put all the bets on him like this.……”Wang Yuxin laughed,“Zhang Lao rest assured,Xia Master will definitely not let us down。”
She trusted to the summer。
Others have never seen,But she has a summer-refiliant propriator in her hand.,Dotted four products,Power is five products。
In fact,That is already a five-character。
“Not afraid that 10,000 is afraid of……”Wang Yixin hopped,Just talk,Suddenly,Look at the look。
She takes out the message,Review,Then the face is coming out of the face.。
After a few interest,She disconnected,See the elder and others,“Let it go,Let’s go to the top,Xia Master has already come on the way.,Soon。”
Narrate,Zhang Lao has also emerged as a color。
NS3485chapter Modified plan
Jossimo,Summer is coming to Dongfeng,Come to the top。
After entering the large conference room,Welcome to him is a warm eye。
Wang Yuxin first can’t wait to ask,“summer……Grandmaster,You finally came,We are looking forward to your improvement plan.。”
“Yeah yeah。”
Zhang Lao also laughed at the attached,“We all want to see it.,Earlier is very expensive。”
There is no guest set in summer,Take a jade to give Wang Yuxin。