Making autumn woman soup


Making autumn woman soup

From the lunar calendar, it is now autumn, although the summer heat has not passed.

According to the traditional saying, when the phenology is dry in autumn, the human body needs to be nourished.

Therefore, in the current season, it is appropriate to drink more soup with moisturizing lungs, especially women, often drink the adapted soup, can maintain health and beauty.

  Cantonese are the most particular about drinking soup.

Li Jianchang, the chef of a famous restaurant in Shanghai, is a cooking master from Hong Kong. For white-collar workers, especially white-collar women, he recommends a few suitable for this season.More convenient special soup.

These soups are relatively neutral, there are no drastic things in it, and the elderly and children can also drink.

  Function of Melon Snail Chicken Soup: Also known as Jazz Soup in Hong Kong, it is said that it is Sir Shaw Run’s favorite health soup.

The true color of the soup is milky white, very strong and very white. It is best for women to drink, with beauty and moisturizing effects.

  Materials: Half a catty of melon (note that you must pick white-skinned green-meat melon, grow a bit, not too cooked), half a catty of fresh conch meat (if there is no fresh, dry two or two is enough), one pound of old hen.

  Excipients: A small piece of ginger.

  Method: It is best to use traditional high-deep crock pots. If not, high-deep stainless steel pots will work.

First boil the water (the amount of water is more than double the amount of the material), put in ginger slices, snail meat, chicken nuggets, and simmer for half an hour on high heat, then heat for two hours on medium heat, then add the melon cut into small pieces, and then half on medium heatHours are enough, and the soup at this time is about half to two-fifths of the original amount.

Finally add salt according to taste.

  Tip: Fresh conch is not easy to clean, and there is a layer of greasy liquid on the outside.

Mix thoroughly with dried raw flour and snail meat, rinse with water, and it will be easy to clean.

  Dried snail meat is soaked in warm water for 1 hour, then washed and used; hens cut quickly, 6 pieces.

If it’s too fat, you can peel the chicken skin; but it’s best not to peel it. It has chicken skin and soup.

  Tea tree mushroom rib soup function: anti-cellulite, clearing the stomach, has a slimming effect.

  Material: 50 grams of tea tree mushrooms (dried tea tree mushrooms, sold in southern stores, large supermarkets), cut into small sections, rinse them a little (don’t soak).

200 grams of small ribs, cut into small pieces, pitted red dates, one candied date, one slice of ginger.

  Method: Same as above, but also boil the water in the pot, put all the materials into the water, heat for 15 minutes, and heat for 30 minutes.

  Tip: If you do n’t eat meat, do n’t put spare ribs. Because there are mushrooms, the soup is quite delicious.

  Winter melon Chenpi Laoya Tang function: go to summer, spleen.

  Materials: One old duck, two pounds of winter melon, 20 grams of barley, one piece of tangerine peel, one piece of ginger, one piece of candied fruit.

  Method: Same as above, boil the water, put all the ingredients in, put it on the fire for half an hour, then heat it for 3 hours, and finally put salt according to the taste.

  Watermelon and Black Chicken Soup Function: It is dry in autumn and needs to be nourished in the human body.

This soup is also relatively moist.

Especially for women, the skin will become lubricated until the winter.

Moreover, this soup looks good, with a little red, green, and black chicken.

  Materials: Fresh watermelon (take the whole watermelon, dig out the melon meat, leave a small amount of red, and cut the melon skin into small pieces), one black chicken, cut into pieces; one candied date, 200 grams of lean meat.

  Excipients: A small piece of ginger.
  Practice: The same amount of pot and water as above.

Also boil the water first, add chicken nuggets, ginger slices, lean meat, candied dates, high heat for half an hour, medium heat for one and a half hours, at this time, put the cut watermelon, and then medium heat for half an hour.

Finally, add salt to your taste.

  Function of Ginseng Yuzhu Fishtail Soup: Ginseng Yuzhu is nourishing the lungs. This soup is especially helpful for people who have too much alcohol and tobacco and lack of sleep.

  Materials: Sha participates in Yuzhu, and puts Chinese medicine, which is available in Chinese pharmacies.

All the ginseng and bamboo shoots are 3 to 4 grams, 5 grams of apricots (also traditional Chinese medicine, sold in the Chinese pharmacy), 1 piece of candied dates, 1 piece of anchovies (about 750 grams), 200 grams of lean meat, and 1 slice of ginger.

  Practice: The basic practice is the same as above.First, wash the fish tail, add the oil pan (put in oil) and fry until golden brown.

Bring the water to a boil, put everything in the boiling water, and simmer for half an hour on high heat, then for an hour and a half on medium heat, and finally add salt to taste.

  Tip: Although the Chinese ginseng, Yuzhu, and North and South apricots are sometimes Chinese medicine, they have no medicinal flavor, so this soup is very fresh.