Pregnant woman nutrition recipe snowflake tofu 羹 _1


Pregnant woman nutrition recipe snowflake tofu ravioli

Tofu is rich in protein, and tofu is a complete protein. There are only a large number of eight amino acids that are necessary for the human body.

Snowflake tofu tincture is a nutritional recipe during pregnancy.

  Ingredients: tofu (south) 500 g river shrimp 40 g shiitake mushrooms (fresh) 10 g mushrooms (dry) 10 g pine nuts 10 g chicken breast 10 g seasoning: salt 4 g cooking wine 5 g starch (corn) 5 g vegetable oil 30克 制造 工艺 1.

Tofu peeled and trimmed, sliced into thin slices, blanched with hot water, removed and chopped into a bowl; 2.

Cut shiitake mushrooms, mushrooms, pine nuts, cooked ham into small grains; 3.

Set the pot on the fire, pour the broth, add the ingredients, stir continuously with a spoon, and add the seasonings; 4.

5. Stir with wet starch when boiled, pour oil, and then boil the pan;

Raise the pan, lower the shrimp and oil, cook the wine, adjust the salt, and add MSG to the tofu.