Expert: Are fat granules formed by tadpoles?



Expert: Are “fat granules” formed by tadpoles?

Feng Aiping, deputy chief physician of the Department of Dermatology, Wuhan Xiehe Hospital, netizens asked: “If the eye cream is too greasy, will it cause white fat particles around my eyes?
For a while, I encountered a lot of women who were worried about the small white particles that suddenly appeared around their eyes.
Some people also gave these small particles an image name, called “fat granules”, thinking that this is caused by skin care products that are too greasy.
  Experts answer: In fact, these so-called “fat granules” are just a small white pupa that grows on the skin surface of the upper and lower eyelids. The scientific name is miliaria.
Milia is not fat. It is caused by foreign body clogging in the sweat glands of the skin. It looks like a stone, yellowish white, and pin-sized.
  The most common reason for the appearance of this kind of miliaria is that the skin is not clean enough. For example, using makeup products such as heavy eye shadows for a long time will make the skin dry and the skin’s self-cleaning ability will decline.
Secondly, it may also be caused by too dry skin, or by excessive use of scrubs, exfoliating products, etc., causing small cracks in the skin.
  Usually people with this kind of problem will feel dry skin, and many people will use products with higher moisture content at the same time, so people will mistakenly think that this is the trouble of eye cream.
In fact, men who do not know anything, and children who do not have skin care consciousness, are also common “victims” of miliaria.
  There is miliary rash on the skin, which is generally not treated, but you must pay attention to cleaning the face to avoid excessive cleansing or heavy makeup on the eyes.
You should choose a refreshing, non-greasy eye cream. After a period of time, miliaria will fall off naturally.
Women can also disinfect it first and pick it out with a needle tip without leaving a scar.