Oxygen plus healthy breathing detonates Beijing


Oxygen plus healthy breathing detonates Beijing

On April 8, Oxygen plus participated in the 23rd China International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Health Expo) held in the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing in April 2018. Respiratory health has become a hot topic for this health expo. Oxygen plus negative oxygenIonic series products have attracted attention and sought after for their new technology and excellent strength.

  ”As soon as the foggy day comes, you can close your doors and windows. If you can’t go out, you can’t go out. Last year, when the haze was severe, I just caught up with the new house in my home and renovated.I saw oxygen plus, I saw this negative oxygen ion, and after using this, the air in my home is better than abroad. I think it is particularly good and I should support it.

“This is an excitement for a lady who has experienced oxygen plus plant negative oxygen ions.

  At this exhibition, Oxygen Plus brought 6 plant negative oxygen ion products to the audience to show visitors from home and abroad the powerful air purification ability and healthy and comfortable experience of plant ecological grade negative oxygen ions, providing home airThe easiest and fastest standard solution.

  Oxygen plus plant negative oxygen ion series products are suitable for home, office, car and other spaces, and produce a large number of small-scale, high-activity, long-distance plant ecological grade negative oxygen ions.

Negative oxygen ions are sufficient to degrade PM2 in the air.

5. Suspended particles, decomposing formaldehyde, benzene series, TVOC and other harmful substances, can also regulate human physiological functions, eliminate fatigue, improve sleep, prevent colds, alleviate respiratory diseases, and can penetrate the human blood-brain barrier to increase blood oxygen contentImprove cardiac function and myocardial nutrition.

  Left: President of the China Children’s Culture and Art Foundation, Li Lijun, Right: Wang Yuzhen, Director of Oxygen Plus Marketing, Right: Zhao Wenxiang, Vice President of China Nutrition and Health Left: Wang Yuzhen, Director of Oxygen Plus Marketing, and Wang Yuzhen, Director of Oxygen Plus MarketingPresident Li Lijun of the Art Foundation introduced in detail the plant ecological grade negative oxygen ion products, and focused on the in-depth exchange of negative oxygen ions on children’s respiratory health.

It also attracted on-site interviews from mainstream media such as BTV and Phoenix.com.

After careful discussion and research, the organizing committee of the Health Expo awarded Greenlens the “Top Ten Brand Awards of the 23rd China International Health Industry Expo 2018”, and Mr. Zhao Wenxiang, Vice President of China Nutrition and Health attended the site and awarded the medal.

  Oxygen Plus-Greenland Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is one of the largest independent brands, with unique technical advantages of plant ecological negative oxygen ions, (Invention patent number: ZL201510268784.

0) Extracted more than 130 kinds of plant active essences and successfully developed new materials and related products for passive generation of plant ecological grade negative oxygen ions, which are mainly used for environmental protection decoration, indoor, car air purification, human health rehabilitation, textile, homeSupplies and other fields, aiming to create preliminary and most influential air purification and human health products.

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