Respect the inherent nature of male sexual self-esteem


Respect the inherent nature of male sexual self-esteem

Suspected for no reason, Zhang Hao worked in the office for Xiaojing, a salesman’s wife.

Zhang Hao is handsome, has a strong social ability, and often travels. This makes Xiao Jing very uneasy, for he is afraid that Zhang Hao will be seduced by the “fox spirit” one day.

Therefore, before Zhang Hao’s business trip, Xiao Jing always offered to show her love to her husband. She wanted to “feed” him before going out, and he would not easily go for “wild food” outside.After returning from a business trip, Xiao Jing couldn’t wait to have a rainy rain with her husband. In her words, it was called “one stone and two birds with one stone”: a little dove won the wedding, which was caused by “sexual interest”; the second was to check whether her husband was outBetrayed her.

If Zhang Hao did not perform well on any of these occasions, Xiao Jing’s heart beat straight, thinking whether her husband had an affair or played a “pheasant”.

My husband returned from a business trip in the middle of the night and was tired after taking a day’s train, but Xiao Jing still refused to let it go. She had to be in the same room. Seeing her husband was not accommodating at all, the jealousy that suppressed the heart of Xiao Jing finally blew away.Out: “You must have good friends outside, don’t want me . you have no conscience!

When Zhang Hao saw his wife speak like this, she remembered that she had been working hard all year round, not just for this family.

The two were fighting fiercely, and they were so noisy.

After this incident, Erkouzi did not say a word for half a month, and the marriage building was at stake.

Zhang Hao is not the kind of person with very narrow eyes. He never thought that Xiao Jing would have such an idea. The occurrence of this incident reminded him a lot: No wonder she always looks weird when I return from a business trip.
For this family, Zhang Hao took the initiative to talk to Xiao Jing for a good talk, and Xiao Jing also said that it was not an example.

But shortly afterwards, Xiao Jing relapsed and a couple that should be happy had to part ways.

  A joke evokes her husband’s “impotence” to protect her husband’s sexual self-esteem. It is necessary to believe that her husband is a normal person. He is neither a sexual superman nor an impotence.

As a wife, although you do not intentionally attack this kind of self-confidence of your husband, sometimes you may inadvertently hurt your husband ‘s sexual self-esteem.

  Girl Joan is cheerful and likes to joke.

On the wedding night, she and her husband embraced each other and entered the cave. After the two went to bed in undress, Xiao Qiong’s eyes were slightly closed and her face was flushed. She was preparing for the drunken dream. The husband’s “that” was not expected.Fighting for anger, as soon as you contacted, “a thousand miles away.”

小琼多少有些不满,但一看到丈夫那气喘如牛的模样,顿觉好笑,一句“没想到你这项目经理干得挺不错的,干这个‘项目’却这么差劲”的玩笑话便脱口而出, Must have her husband crimson.

Every time when he has sex in the future, Xiao Qiong’s husband always unconsciously remembers the words that Xiao Qiong once said. Over time, his project manager is really unable to work on this “project”.

In fact, as a knowledgeable woman, Xiao Qiong also understands the reason why her husband had this situation during the first sexual intercourse, but just such a joke has caused such serious consequences for her husband and left her new wedding life with a waveThe lingering shadow, Xiao Qiong really regretted it.

Later, after being treated by a psychologist and under the encouragement of Xiao Qiong, Xiao Qiong’s husband finally regained his strength.

  Don’t regard sex as a reward or punishment to your husband. If a wife attaches conditions other than affection to her husband’s sex life, and treats sex as a reward or punishment to her husband, it will not only hurt the husband ‘s sexual self-esteem, but also profane sex.

  Sometimes the husband’s “sex” interest is very high. At this time, the wife may not have much sexual interest. At all, she does not want to have sex with her husband, so she asks her husband: wash my face wash tomorrow morning; return the breakfast you bought tomorrow morning;Making love is OK, but you can wash that big tub of clothes!

When the husband promised, he would undress him and let the husband’s “uncle” remain motionless.

It is conceivable that the quality of this very reluctant sexual life will not be high.

  When the couple hugged each other to enter the “state”, the husband may unpleasantly say something inadvertently at this moment, and then she came to her personality to brake suddenly, flinging her head, turning her back, and giving it indiscriminately.The husband left a cold back; when the couple was preparing for “foreplay” before sex, maybe because of a certain action of the husband that wiped the wife’s interest, she pulled the curtain of sex uncompromisingly.

In this case, how could a passionate hot-blooded man also have a sudden attachment to the ice cave and feel cold all over the body.

  The phenomenon of rewarding and punishing husbands by sex is more serious among male and female couples and male and female couples.

As far as the former is concerned, the weak wife wants to compete with her husband through the sexual route: Seeing your demureness, don’t “bow under my pomegranate skirt”; as for the wife who is above the strong,It is a bit disdainful of her husband, and she will not easily make her sexually accessible.

  Since ancient times, men have been given the image of Wei’an Takayama, and they seem to be as towering as the mountains, never failing.

In fact, men also have a fragile side and a vanity. They need to be respected by society and others, and sometimes they are eager for women’s “petting.”

It is particularly worthy of attention of female friends. In the sexual life of husband and wife, the wife pays attention to protect the husband ‘s sexual self-esteem, but only to maintain the dignity of the husband.Healthy track.