Maintaining tender skin and learning how Xiangting can be a wet beauty


Maintaining tender skin and learning how Xiangting can be a wet beauty

I know that skin needs to be hydrated to look plump and elastic.

Therefore, if you want to have good skin, you need to “drink” enough water, so I now turn moisturizing into an important daily routine.

  Last time I read a report on the Internet that the skin contains about 10% -15% of water. However, changes in climate, environment, and physique lead to loss of water. Once the skin is moisturized, skin problems will occur.There will be warnings of severe water shortage such as dry lines, tightness, dryness, peeling, etc. The skin will lose 400-500ml of water every day, which is quite scary.

  No wonder my skin always has a small peeling phenomenon, but now I apply my face every two days, and I feel that my skin is really hydrated. The instant hydration of BabyQ beauty also makes my skin look very beautiful.Smooth and elastic, even without makeup, it looks radiant. I imagine that I will continue to work harder. After a few days, my skin will be smoother and more delicate, simple moisturizing will be very beautiful, and a moisturizing beauty will be very beautifulOh bright.

  Why moisturize?

  The principle of moisturizing is to stabilize keratin and reduce skin moisture from external air evaporation.

Like autumn, the weather is unstable, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the skin is easy to dry. Try to keep the skin’s moisture and oil, and the skin is not dehydrated. It seems tender and elastic.

  As the age increases, the skin’s collagen will decrease, and the external environment will damage the elastic fibers and collagen. If there is no protection and timely replenishment and nourishment, the skin will be dehydrated and aging.

Moisturizing provides moisture and nourishment to the skin, which is the first step to having perfect healthy skin.

  In order to have a smooth and good skin, you must choose a moisturizer and skin care product that suits you and choose a skin care product that suits your skin, so that it will not cause damage and burden on the skin.

  Tips for moisturizing at any time1, buy moisturizing spray products such as moisturizing spray, moisturizing lotion, moisturizing lotion, mineral spray, you can also pack your own lotion or homemade moisturizing skin lotion, spray the whole face whenever you feel that your skin is a bit dryThen let the water get absorbed naturally.

  2, ice pack is a method to replenish skin vitality.

In particular, when the skin becomes dry after sunburn and needs moisturizing and repairing, cold compresses are recommended. The oil is particularly strong or the pores are large and can be iced.

Cold compresses have the effect of calming skin texture, while moisturizing the skin, shrinking blood vessels and pores, soothing dry and tight.

  3. When adding a few drops of oil to increase the moisturizing degree when washing your face, or after using your skin to maximize the amount of skin horny elongation, immediately apply a high-efficiency moisturizing lotion to keep the skin from losing water and retaining oil.

  Everyone must be drinking plenty of water every day like me, so that it is easy to have supple skin. In addition to drinking water, it can eliminate impurities in the body and help the body’s metabolism.

Eat more fruits such as apples, bananas, strawberries, oranges, etc., which are rich in vitamin C, which can moisturize the skin!

Also don’t eat fried food, don’t be a night cat, staying up late will accelerate skin deterioration.