[How to make drool noodles]_ Common practice of drool noodles _ Practice of drool noodles _ How to make drool noodles


[How to make drool noodles]_ Common practice of drool noodles _ Practice of drool noodles _ How to make drool noodles

If you live around the hospital, you will find that there are more and more people with cancer in modern times.

Although there are many reasons for the development of cancer, it is eaten by 100% of patients.

Therefore, in order to prevent cancer that you eat, you better learn to cook by yourself.

Now, please invite me to learn how to make saliva cold noodles with me.


Prepare garlic water before cooking noodles, wrap a small garlic head, cut into minced garlic, then add some cold water inside, let it soak and wait for garlic water.

(Garlic noodles with garlic water is to avoid eating cold things, stomach upset and diarrhea) 2.

1 After the water is boiled, add noodles to cook, add a small amount of sesame oil, and a spoonful of salt.

The noodles thus cooked will not stick.

Boil it for two or three times, and order a little cold water when it is halfway through.

Of course, if you like soft noodles, you can cook a little more.


2 Select this type of alkaline noodles. The ramen noodles sold in general supermarkets are alkaline noodles, and that can be done.

The amount of noodles can be determined according to the population of your own family. It is okay to add more. You can keep it!


1 Blow the noodles in the flour pan under the electric fan for a while to let the excess water on the noodles dry.


2 When it is cooked, remove it, try not to leave water on the noodles, and drain it a little.

Put it in the flutter.


The noodles are almost blown, so use a wooden chopsticks to shake the noodles. While shaking the noodles, add oil to prevent the adhesion between the noodles. You must add oil while shaking. If you see the stickiness, add more oil. You can use vegetable oil.You can use sesame oil 7.

Shake the noodles to such an extent that the noodles are separated, and the noodles are already cool.

At this time, the cold noodles are ready. In fact, the shaken noodles can also be used as hot dry noodles, but the hot dry noodles need to be boiled and cooked again, and cold noodles do not need to be directly cooked.It’s up!

So I said it ‘s okay to add more noodles. You can keep hot dry noodles.

Finally, put the noodles in a plate and add a spoonful of soy sauce (you can add more to taste).

Add half a teaspoon of salt, add a spoonful of vinegar, add two spoonfuls of chili oil (you can add more if you like spicy food), add half a teaspoon of white sugar, top with some mustard shredded pork, sprinkle with almonds, and add the prepared garlic waterFinally, drizzle a tablespoon of sesame sauce, and you can eat together!

Everywhere in the world is not only a waste of money and time, but also a “waste” of health.

So after mastering the practice of drool noodles, if you can do it alone, you can live a healthier life.