“Hey hey!Lying——”


It turns out that this stone wall is a door,Du Jueming only used the same two doors to push it open.,I never thought it was just a fluttering door。
The result is too much force,Cause Du Jueming suddenly planted a war。
‘Tom’The sound of,Du Jueming’s head hit the ground directly,Only then did the last half of the word be spoken。
Du Jueming reached out and rubbed his injured head,Look up at this secret room。
It’s okay not to look up,As soon as he looked up, Du Jueming was shocked.!
I saw a woman in a palace costume holding a sword,Obliquely pointing to Du Jueming。
How did Du Jueming expect that there was still a person hidden in this secret room?,I don’t care about the dizziness on my head,Waved the Songfeng sword,Subconscious move。
The so-called narrow road meets the brave wins,What is the best way to deal with being attacked in this secret room?
Naturally attacked him before others attacked him!
A crisp sound of gold and iron struck,Du Jueming was shocked。