In the living room downstairs,At this moment, a middle-aged man who looks more than 50 years old is sitting on the sofa and reading the newspaper,He has a strong body,Piercing eyes,Although it’s sitting on the sofa,But sitting very upright,It gives people a sense of inviolability。


This middle-aged man,Is the highest military officer of Haishang City,Major General Yang Muhua, commander of the Haishang Military Region。
Among the many military generals,Yang Muhua is one of the youngest generals,A typical young soldier,But this did not affect him as a very good military general。
Today is sunday,Nothing on the army,So General Yang Muhua didn’t go to his headquarters to work as usual,Instead, he carefully read the various newspapers in Haishang City at home,Although not involved in the government affairs of Haishang City,But as the garrison commander of Haishang City,He still needs to have a comprehensive understanding of all kinds of big and small things happening in Haishang City。
A middle-aged beautiful woman who looked younger than Yang Muhua walked into the living room,She looks very beautiful and elegant,Dignified,But there is nothing“Noblewoman”Arrogance。
She is Yang Muhua’s wife Tian Jing,And also Yang Muhua’s life secretary,Responsible for managing all life affairs of Yang Muhua outside of work。
“Ready to eat,Stop reading the newspaper。”
Tian Jing walked to the sofa,A gentle greeting to my husband。
“Eaten so soon?Is it already noon?”
Yang Muhua looked up from the newspaper,I looked at my wife and asked。
“It’s past 12 noon。”
Tian Jing smiled and answered。
“Oh,How do I feel that I just had breakfast not long ago……”