Lu Hao Cheng has always been like this。


Blue Xin knows his careful thinking,Nothing is much more。
Whether it is in life and feelings,Men and women’s thinking is always different,Woman feeling,Man rationality,But this moment,Lu Haocheng is obviously ignorant,Lost his calm and deep。
“I bought porridge ,Eat our home home,Want to eat??”Lanxin looks faintly。
“eat!”The sound is biting teeth。
Blue Xin takes porridge to him。
Lu Haocheng looked at the ruthless little woman in the heart。
His wife doesn’t love him.,He now feels the whole body weakness,He is afraid to leave sequelae。
“Wife,Waiting for me……”
“Waiting for you,What do you want?”
“What do you want?”
“I’m not afraid of you……”
Lu Hao Cheng:“……”Success to shut up。
No matter what he http://www.jdays.cnsaid,Blue Xin interrupted his words at the fastest speed。
Lu Hao’s face was tight,Mouth angle into one line,Looking at her with dark eyes。
“Wife,Bullying, I am not so hard, is it??”His voice is very cool,With a bit of sadness。
He went to the gentle and intimate wife.?
Blue Xin’s eyes are fascinating,Sway the bed,Pick up a disposable spoon,I took a spoonful of white porridge to him.。
Lu Hao became a face,“I don’t like to drink white porridge.。”
Blue Xin:“Will drink it,The doctor said that you and Ou Jingli can only drink porridge.。”
Lu Haocheng wants to find a doctor theory,Why do he only drink white porridge??
But Blue Xin’s spoon has been sent into his mouth.。
He only sold porridge,period,No one speaks。Half,Lu Haozheng shook his head,Gammon:“Not eaten,tastes bad,No taste。”His mouth is a bit uncomfortable, Drinking white porridge, there is no relief,The stomach is even more difficult to find someone fight。
NS1992chapter Who is it?
He said no eaten,Lan Xin did not barely eat him,Place the porridge on the table。
“That go home,The doctor said that you woke up.。”
Lu Haocheng looked at himself,Full-body,This is nothing.?
The doctor here must be a mediocrity。
“I don’t have strength,I am afraid that I will not go back. 。”He is not a person,Never make this kind of thing,He feels that the legs really have no strength.。