Summer,Some surprised,A dark scorpion stared at Liu Qingqing’s cheek,“What to do in your bedroom??”


Liu Qingqing blinks,Cold, cold, cold, disappeared,Change the full tempting expression。
“I am in the phone today.,I,I want to apologize to you.,You come to my bedroom.,Um……you know……”
Cannot be denyed,At this moment, Liu Qingqing is,Simply judged with the very high yield,Killing。
“you know?you?Understand?Hole!”Summer eyes bright,“Ha ha,Old willow,You have learned this stalk.。”
Liu Qingqing is dark from the big dog。
But there is no sign on the face.,Hurry and say a sentence,“I am going to prepare first.,Five minutes later。”
Say,Guan You quickly returned to your bedroom。
The first thing she did,Is wearing a sportswear,Then put the phone carefully wings on the bedside cabinet。
then,Also take a thing,Separate rate hidden。
After completing,She quickly got bed,Show your own body with a towel,Then twist the graceful body into an abnormal exaggerated arc,It looks a perfect type from the side.。
“This is not too much.,What should I do if the dog is in the case?”Think about it,She took a shot of some pink cheeks,Immediately disgusting,“do not care,As long as the stinky born can be retrieved,This girl is not a loss, what is wrong?!”
NS259chapter I wish you happiness
After a moment,Knocking outside。
Sound,Liu Qingqing, a spirit,Hurry and turn off the headlights,Open the dull wall light before bed。
Checked a towel,And then caress the chin,Microsphere,Light road,“Do not lock the door,come in。”
Door to the door,Summer gone。
His face with a deep smile,A pair of scorpion。
but,Seeing Liu Qingqing and a pair of people,Suddenly I can’t help it。
“Old willow,Do you not be so uncomfortable??Like a shrimp。”
This bastard!
Liu Qingqing is dark,The surface is not a smile laugh.,“Does your men like this?,Still my body is not good enough?”“Old willow……”Summer,The eyes are unscrupulous to sweep away from Liu Qingqing.,“I really want to ask you.,If you are, I am idiot,Still your IQ has come to zero,Say,What happened to you?……Um,good,Your hips
The resolution is still quite high。”
Shameless dog!
Liu Qingqing is once again big。
However, the surface is a wrong expression.,Then become grievable,“What do I have?,I,I……I have some words, I want to tell you.……”
Last few words,Liu Qingqing’s voice is almost unable to hear,Plus the environment and atmosphere at this time,And the gesture of 人,Full of endless temptation。
See the summer solo,Liu Qingqing changed a posture,Shame,“These words,I have considered it for a long time.,Do you want to listen??”
Summer frown,Instead, some doubts,I immediately touched the Pakistan,“What do you want to say?。”
Liu Qingqing is even more shy,Some difficulties,Refers to the chair on the right side,“I……You sit down first.,I don’t know how to open it.,I want to think about it.……”
Summer nodded,Walking towards the chair。
Just got a few steps,Suddenly。
what is that。