Elderly health care, remember three cautions


Elderly health care, remember “three cautions”

First, the food is cautious The elderly spleen and stomach are weak, the digestion is not strong, but always want to eat more, drink a little more, to be full of happiness.
However, if the food is too much, the stomach will be full, and it will be prone to stagnation. If it is accumulated for a long time, it will consume yin.
The old man is not enough, and he needs the spleen and stomach to nourish the yin of the water valley.
If you eat more than yin, it can induce the patient.
  In the hospital, it is common for elderly people to suffer from acute pancreatitis or myocardial infarction caused by eating a delicious meal.
As the saying goes: “There will be a lot of refreshing substances, and you can avoid disasters by taking good care of your mouth.”
This sentence is very scientific and a summary of people’s life experience.
Now living conditions have improved, food is abundant, the elderly must be cautious eating principles, long-term flow, restraint, restraint and control, do not let go of the belly to enjoy.
Only in this way can we maintain the functioning of the weak spleen and stomach, digest, decompose, and absorb the subtleties of food, so that the source of biochemistry is inexhaustible and maintain health.
  Second, the cautious drug The liver detoxification function and kidney detoxification function of the elderly have been reduced, so in addition to the urgent need for the disease, the chemical should be used as little as possible, and more than a variety of drugs can be mixed.
  Antibiotics should not be abused to prevent the development of drug resistance, allergic reactions, double infections, and even toxic reactions.
People always think that Chinese medicine is safe and there will be no problems.
In fact, this is a misunderstanding.
The ancients have long said that “it is a three-point drug”, this is a famous saying.
Chinese medicine also has the warning that the drug certificate is consistent, that rhubarb is a good drug; the drug certificate does not match, and the ginseng is also a drug.
For example, some elderly people think that ginseng and velvet antler are the kings of traditional Chinese medicine tonic, so they did not have the guidance of a doctor and purchased their regular clothes. The results showed symptoms such as dizziness, insomnia, dry mouth, dry throat, nosebleed, and elevated blood pressure.Cause serious illness such as stroke.
  In addition, in the current pharmaceutical market and supermarkets, all kinds of tonics and health products are as full of stars, and the advertisements in the media are so full of magical and extraordinary effects.
If you listen to the partial belief, believe it is true, do not choose according to the specific circumstances of your physique, or even abuse, long-term use, often contrary to expectations, the result is a waste of a certain amount of money, and has not been used for health care.
Therefore, caution drugs are very important to the elderly.
  Third, be cautious and excited. People are full of emotions.
The seven emotions of joy, anger, sadness, and joy are human nature.
However, elderly people, especially those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, should pay more attention to controlling emotions and guard against excessive excitement.
Because of the excitement, the heart beats faster, the blood pressure rises, and the hardened heart and brain blood vessels rupture and cause stroke and myocardial infarction.
There are some elderly patients like this in the hospital.
Therefore, the elderly need to be cautious in their feelings, to be overjoyed, to sorrow, to laugh, and to anger.