Cold weather does not want to go out to exercise


Cold weather does not want to go out to exercise

When the weather is cold, there are fewer people willing to go out.

But always lazy at home, physical fitness does not work.

In response to this situation, Professor Feng Lida, former vice president of the Navy General Hospital, summarized a set of exercises on the bed to help you take care of your health in the cold winter.

  The first section, abdominal breathing.

  Operation: Lie on the bed, loosen the belt, relax your body, and eliminate distractions.

Inhale slowly through your nose, and simultaneously lift your belly. Hold each breath for 10-15 seconds, exhale slowly, and breathe 4 times per minute.

This is very helpful for conditioning the viscera and strengthening the body.

  The second quarter, twisting foot movement.

  There are 3 Yang Meridians and 3 Yin Meridians on the feet and legs. Twisting foot movement can speed up the qi and blood movement of these 6 meridians. The qi and blood of the feet and legs are unblocked, and the turbidity will go down.Illness is good.

Not only that, after doing foot exercises at night, blood pressure will be much normal and improve sleep. After getting foot exercises in the morning and getting up, blood pressure is stable and the mind is clearer.

After half a month, increase the number of foot movements for better results.

It should be noted that this method has obvious antihypertensive effect, and people with low blood pressure and weak body are not suitable to do it.

  Method: After the abdominal breathing, put your feet close together, press your toes slowly downwards, then slowly lift them up, try to lift up, then relax, and do 30-50 times; then, separate your feet slightly, and your wrists at the same timeExcessive, do 30-50 times inward; take a short break, then inward, 30-30 times beyond.

After doing all of them, you will feel that the ankles and calves are very swelled, and the legs and feet are especially warm.

  The third quarter, twisting hands.

Both hands and 6 meridians also pass through, and moving the wrist can promote its operation.

Holding hands for about 3 months can improve the function of the corresponding organs. Cardio-cerebral-vascular diseases, respiratory diseases, constipation, gastrointestinal discomfort and other symptoms will be improved, especially for people who suffer from insomnia., Can quickly enter dreamland.

  Method: After doing abdominal breathing and foot movements, straighten your arms upwards, and slowly open your hands to the extent of resetting, and then slowly and vigorously make a fist, then relax. Repeat this 10-20 times.The arms will feel sore; then, both wrists are extended at the same time, inward and downward 30-50 times each, the speed should be slower and more powerful; take a break, the two wrists are inward, downward and outwardDo 30-50 each.

After doing all, both hands and knees will feel very hot, and there will be obvious soreness.