Older people who are thinner are more likely to get seriously ill



Older people who are thinner are more likely to get seriously ill

The study of the American gerontrist Dr. Sidleys also shows that the thin old people are relatively weak in resistance and have poor adaptability to the environment. They are particularly prone to acute infectious diseases such as influenza, upper respiratory tract infection and pneumonia, which affect life.

And the incidence of visceral sagging in the elderly is also very high.

銆€銆€As the saying goes, “It is difficult to buy old and thin, and it is not thick and thin.”

Some thin and old people think that their body is thin and their blood lipids are not high. The cause of cardiovascular disease is definitely lower than that of fat old people. Therefore, they are not paying attention to diet structure, exercise, and regular physical examination.

However, according to a recent survey, abnormalities in the tests of thin-skinned elderly people, such as blood pressure, blood lipids or blood sugar, are more than normal, and they are suffering from cardiovascular disease. The risk of diabetes is 5 times higher than that of normal elderly people.3.

1 times.

銆€銆€Everything has two sides. The old man must see that the body is thin and healthy. On the contrary, he must also see the dangerous side.

Professor Liu Zhengtang, deputy director of the Department of Geriatrics at Xiyuan Hospital, pointed out that too thin elderly people should have regular physical examinations, and focus on blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar, hemoglobin, bone mineral density and other indicators.

銆€銆€Old people’s organs, vascular aging, it is easy to appear “three high”, thinner old people lack of attention to diet and exercise, easy to become phlegm, high blood fat, high blood sugar, high blood pressure.

In fact, the elderly who are thin are mostly malnourished and their resistance is relatively low. Many diseases will take the opportunity to take the opportunity.

Therefore, the skinny elderly should pay more attention to the hemoglobin index, which directly reflects the degree of anemia.

In addition, the relationship between osteoporosis and physical exercise is particularly serious. The survey found that the exercise level of the elderly is generally higher than that of the elderly, so the probability of suffering from osteoporosis is much higher.

How is the old man the healthiest?

The answer from American medical scientists is that the old man’s body mass index (BMI) is 23.


The best between 9 is.

The study in Taiwan, China, believes that the best body mass index for the elderly should be 18-23.

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