[Is fresh white fungus toxic]_Features_Toxic


[Is fresh white fungus toxic]_Features_Toxic

There are many types of fungus, such as white fungus or black fungus. Fungus has many benefits for the human body. It can clear the lungs and cough, and can also improve the benefits of anemia and kidney.

There are many methods of fungus. For example, white fungus can be used for soup and whitening, and black fungus can be paired with many ingredients for delicious food.

Many people think that fresh white fungus is poisonous, so they are afraid to eat it. So is fresh white fungus poisonous?

Let ‘s take a look next.


Is fresh white fungus poisonous?

Fresh Tremella is not poisonous.

From the production process, fresh Tremella is not processed, while ordinary Tremella is dried through multiple levels of processing.

In fact, the real fresh Tremella, that is, freshly picked Tremella fuciformis, contains porphyrin-type light-sensitive substances. After eating fresh Tremella, the porphyrin-type light-sensitive substances will be distributed to human epidermal cells with blood circulation.

When exposed to the sun at this time, solar dermatitis may be caused, and the skin may become red and swollen, itching, and bright red papules and blisters appear.

Porphyrin-type light-sensitive substances are also easily absorbed by the throat mucosa, causing symptoms of throat edema, general malaise, runny nose, tears, fatigue, and shortness of breath.

The fresh Tremella sold in the market is processed and non-toxic, so as long as we understand the concept, we are not afraid to eat fresh Tremella.

Our usual fresh Tremella is non-toxic, so we can buy it with confidence and eat it with confidence, and they will greatly replace our health.


What to do with Tremella Poisoning?

Tremella poisoning is caused by Flavobacterium exotoxin.

Flavobacterium exotoxin mainly causes long-term severe damage to the human brain, liver and kidneys.

Headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, hemoptysis, hemoptysis, hematuria occurred 3 to 7 hours after eating the deteriorated Tremella. There were bleeding points throughout the body, yellowing of the skin, coma, smoking, and cerebral edema or liver necrosis finally died.

When poisoning is found after eating, 30 grams of licorice, 60 grams of mung bean, 30 grams of white grass root, and decoction can be used for mild cases; more severe cases can be hospitalized for symptomatic treatment.


How to choose fresh Tremella.

The high-quality Tremella is relatively dry, the ears are golden yellow in color, shiny, the flowers are generally light and loose, the meat is thick and thick, tough and elastic, and the pedicle has no ears and feet, black spots, and no impurities.

The white dried Tremella may be sulphur-smelled. Only fresh or foamed Tremella is white. The normal color after drying or drying is golden yellow.

Second touch.

Fresh Tremella is relatively dry to the touch, and very brittle, and it feels a bit prickly.

Three smells.

The quality of fresh Tremella should be acid-free, stinky, and odorless.

If Tremella smells of a pungent smell, it may be smoked with sulfur.

Four boiled.

Good Tremella quality is pure, it will melt immediately after cooking, sweet and waxy, and a lot of collagen.

Poor white fungus soup is clear for two or three hours, it is not sticky at all, and the taste is very hard.