[Dried small fish and shrimp]_how to do_how to do


[Dried small fish and shrimp]_how to do_how to do

Dried small fish and shrimp is a very common part. This dish is more delicious when eaten, and it will have a certain seafood texture. However, unless you want to choose fresh small fish or shrimp, otherwise it will definitely have a tasteIt must be abnormal. It is not as delicious as fresh food, and it must be alive. It must be cleaned before it can be eaten. It is best to marinate and stir, so that it will taste more interesting.

First of all, choosing fish and shrimp is important!

Be sure to use live, small fish and shrimp; then, clean the fish’s internal organs and shrimp heads. In fact, small fish can be used. Although it will be a little bitter because of the gallbladder when cooked, do not destroy the nutrition!

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Finally, put some salt to marinate the small fish and shrimp, not too much!

Otherwise it will be salty!

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Well, everything is ready, you can start to do it!

The specific method is as follows 1.

Use a frying pan, heat the pan, add salad oil or fish oil (preferably fish oil), and when the oil is hot, pour the small fish and shrimps and fry them. Fry them during frying, otherwise they will stick.Pot, so pay attention!


Wait until the small fish and shrimps are fried to golden, and you feel a little bit burnt, remove the pan; 3.

Change the pot, and put some oil upside down, not too much, or the fish will be very greasy.

Then, add ginger, cumin, pepper, pepper, and stir-fry. Pour in the small fish and shrimp, add salt, stir-fry a few times, then add MSG and spring onion, stir-fry a few times, you can get out.Pot, hee hee, did you smell the fragrance?

Fragrant it!

It must be delicious!

After washing, dry the fish, then use raw soy, ginger, a little salt, marinate for about an hour, and then wrap the egg flour with water and batter. Fry it into a pan. If you like crispy texture, you can fryHeat a little oil in the second pot, add minced garlic, ginger, dried chili, pepper, spring onion, dry out the flavor, add fried fish, stir well, add chicken essence, pepper, salt, sugar,Continue to turn them evenly, and pan up the ingredients: fresh shrimp, ginger, dried peppers, garlic, and chives.

Practices: 1. Shave the shrimps to the top and drain the water; 2. Raise the oil pan, slightly increase the amount of oil, stir-fry the ginger with garlic, dried peppers for a while, add the cleaned shrimp; 3, edamameAfter frying, the taste will be more crispy. Shrimp stir fry until you get red shrimp oil. 4. Pour the peanut oil after the color changes:[1]5. Add the fried edamame and shrimp to fry for a while, add some soy sauce., Sugar, some cooking wine, chives, stir fry evenly