“.”You person,Really demand a lot。


Baby Ou didn’t complain,“Feelings are like this,High quality love,It will be like this。Is it possible to meet a family with good conditions,Still superstar,Good looking boy,I don’t know anything else,Just fall in love,Such a girl,It’s nice to say that the innocent and cute little princess in the fairy tale,Ugly,Love is too superficial and casual。Su Mei,I actually think it’s quite rare。”If you don’t believe me, ask Nini and the others,I’m definitely nodding to be a little princess。
but,Be truthful,It’s not impossible,The little princess is not stupid,“Good family conditions,Stable life,Personality will be relatively stable,Not like cats or dogs。Superstar,Explain strong,healthy,Charismatic personality。Good looking,It means that everyone in the family looks good,Your health is definitely okay,Genes for offspring are guaranteed。Things you can see in such a face,In fact, a lot of information has been written。”
and so,Want to be a little princess,Also need to have vision。And Su Mei may want high-quality love,Maybe I don’t want to be a little princess,It’s possible。and so,Su Mei can insist,Not shaken in front of Ono,Her determination and strength are 100%。
“.”You are really a deep fan of film and television dramas。
But Yuze is still quite upset,But again,“I don’t want you to be affected by me.”
Baby Ou’s expression is hard to say,“brother,You are really a small official.”So many requests。
“.”Yuze smiled directly,Light up baby Ou,“You are mad at me,Be careful I cry for you!!”
Baby Ou quickly picked up the bowl to eat,Can’t afford。
at night,In the little black room。
Baby Ou is not in a hurry to talk about Su Xi,Discuss with Ou Zhaozhao the first family conflict brought by the Soviet Union and the United States,“Is this a family conflict??”Baby Ou thinks it is,But not sure。
Ou Zhaozhao nodded,“Why not count?”Tut,“If Ono really didn’t realize Yuze’s grievance and awkwardness,This is how to do?This is an obvious sign of brotherhood!!The embankment of a thousand miles was destroyed in an ant’s nest,A lot of hatred started from a small thing。”
Baby Ou thinks mom is a little too nervous,But after pondering,Not to the end,Then just say,“Fortunately, Su Mei is Su Mei,Not Su Xi or Su Xi,otherwise,I feel like this is going through the plot.”
Ou Zhaozhao laughed,“Su Xi’s official role in the plot is Si Mubai,It’s not wild。Huai Ye is a soy sauce assist tool,Is an artist,Have a good relationship with Si Mu Bai Yuze,Sandwiched between these two,Help them to make plans and solve problems emotionally,He is a perfect tool man in a typical romantic drama,norcp,Just a pure fan。”
“This plot,There are good and bad。The good thing is,The main characters are familiar to us,So what are their personalities,Is there any hidden character,We all know。The downside is,Just because it’s too clear,Know too much,Dark from easy light,Make wrong judgments.”
Ou Zhaozhao is looking at the problem very seriously and calmly。