Jiang Fan said:“Keep the money for yourself,The reimbursement has to be reimbursed first,I know your family,Are used to buy a house。”


Dad laughed when he heard it,Said:“As long as you are well,It’s useless for me。”
Jiang Fan said:“do not worry,We are all fine,As long as you are well,Healthy,Is our blessing。”
Father Jiang heard his son say so,I turned my face inside,Quietly reach out,Wiped the corner of my eye。
Jiang Yan whispered:“Since the operation,Dad’s eyes are soft,I cry when I watch TV。”
Dad smiled embarrassedly。
Jiang Yan changed the subject,She turned her head,I looked at Ding Yi’s abdomen,Ding Yi blushed,Know what she means,Reach out,Push her face aside。
Jiang Yan looked at her watch,Said:“Unfortunately today is Sunday,Otherwise I will take you to check。”
Ding Yi blushed and said:“I think you are an occupational disease,I want to check when I see people。”
Jiang Fan and Jiang Yan both laughed,Even dad tilted his face inward and smiled secretly。
They chatted with dad for a while,Dad said:“Go home and see your mother,Always talking about you,If i don’t stop,I have called you so many times。”
Jiang Yan said:“Go,My son is probably there too,You think about taking care of my son’s meal at noon。”
Dad Jiang said:“You go back too,I will order food with the hospital later。”
Jiang Yan said:“I am on duty today,How to go back?You’re so confused,Moreover,Mother hasn’t seen her fairy-like son and daughter-in-law for a while,Am I getting in the way??Can my mom look at me with a straight eye??”
“You just feel bad?”Dad said。
Jiang Fan and Ding Yi smiled and said goodbye to their father and sister,Got in the car,Jiang Fan found Ding Yi was still sitting behind,He said:“I said,You just feel so comfortable to let a bureau-level cadre be your brother?I’m sorry to sit in front?”
From the moment Ding Yi got in the car,Put a smile away,The expression on his face became serious,She turned a deaf ear to Jiang Fan’s words,Just ignore him,Sitting behind and looking out the window,A look of ignorance。