As usual,Every year after this meeting,The Municipal Bureau must organize award-winning personnel to travel。This year is to Yunnan,Personnel recommended by each unit。


Originally Xia Jihan、Yu Jie、Shan Yong are among the traveling staff,But considering that there is more work in this period,And the unit funds are tight,The bureau leaders decided to send only two people to travel to Yunnan with the city。
When Chief Gu found the three of them and explained the situation to them,Yu Jie gives up first,Give the opportunity to others。
Later Xia Jihan also withdrew,Her ostensible reason is that she just came back from Hainan,A lot of work on hand was delayed,In fact, only she herself knew that the real reason she did not go to Yunnan was that Guan Hao told him via SMS yesterday afternoon.,He is coming back this afternoon。
Since he can tell her the return date,She didn’t want Guan Hao to come back and not see her,She also wants to wait for him to come back and tell him her thoughts as soon as possible。
Shan Yong has a look,The people who cast their tempers have quit,It doesn’t make sense for him to go,Besides, he just came back from Hainan,So also quit。The head of the External Propaganda Section saw that the pillars of the same level withdrew.,I also decided to quit。At last,All the people are gone。
Director Gu smiled in relief,These business backbones have given up the opportunity to travel,Choose to stay,Really moved him,But the Ducheng Bureau can’t go all the way,Finally, it was decided that the director of the editor-in-chief would travel to Yunnan with the city station。
After coming out of Chief Gu’s office,Yu Jie squinted two smiling eyes,To Xia Jihan and Shan Yong:“We saved money for the unit,Won another award,Have to let the ancient bureau treat。”
“Correct,Let the ancient bureau treat。”Shan Yong echoed the Dao。
Xia Jihan raised his right hand,Say:“agree。”
“Well,Let’s go petition together。High five。”
Snapped、Snapped、Snapped,Three palms together。
A few clear applause sounded in the silent corridor,Then came the hearty laughter of three young people。
After a few people conspired,They walked back to Director Gu’s office again,Director Gu saw that the three were back again,Puzzled:“how,Changed?”