But her words were interrupted by dad:“Do not,I’m not saying that the location is different,I mean different strengths。The level of Guan Xinyan is far worse than that of Hu Lai。”


Heard dad say that,Sitting in a wheelchair,Li Qingqing, with his back to him, laughed silently。
She thought of Doctor Huang’s judgment during the review,Her recovery period may be longer than expected,Not only is she sure to catch the World Cup,She can still catch up with at least two weeks of pre-World Cup training!
Her mood became extremely beautiful。
When Hu Lai was waiting at the airport,I received the WeChat from Li Qingqing:“Hu Lai,Where does the genius doctor live?”
He is holding the phone with the expression of an old subway man:What’s the situation?Didn’t you go for a review??Did something go wrong and plan to find someone to settle the account??
“What’s up?Your review result came out?”He asked quickly。
“No,But our team doctor said that my prospects for recovery are very optimistic,I might come back some time earlier!”Although it is text,But Hu Lai can also feel Li Qingqing’s happy mood between the lines。
“That’s a good thing!”
“Yes indeed,So I want to find the old genius doctor to thank you in person!”
I go……Big sister,Where can I find an old genius doctor for you?
I just silly,You really believe?
You are so simple,How did you live till now?
By this time,Of course Hu Lai knows that his lie cannot continue。
So he confessed:“This one……I said, don’t be angry,Li Qingqing……”
“?You speak first!”
“Actually, there is no old genius doctor……I made up to lie to you。That thing……It’s not one of a kind recovery ointment,That is……I pour it myself with Vaseline……I want to make you happy,Comfort you……You recover fast,That’s definitely not the effect of this ointment,You should recover quickly……”
Hu Lai bamboo tube pour beans,Confessed all。
And then after a while,Just return to him over there:“Hu Lai!!!I believe you so much,I didn’t expect you to be such a person!!”