After a busy night,The fifth anniversary celebration banquet of Ouya Clothing Group is finally a successful marriage,Shen Ruoxi finally sat down and rested,Tonight she experienced the ups and downs in her life,Very tired。


Seeing that the company is about to be taken away by Ouhua,Unexpectedly, Qin Liang didn’t know what method was used,Put the51%Bought the shares,Gave it to myself,Use this euclid group51%Shares,I finally got my own Ouya Clothing Group Company,Although Ou Shi Group is better than its own Ou Ya Clothing Group,But Ouya Clothing Group Company is its own work,No matter how good the Ou Clan Group,Not own。
VIPs have all left,The employees of the company have also returned one after another。
Chapter Eighty Discover the necklace
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Shen Ruoxi is still in the banquet hall alone,She sits on a chair to rest,Holding the bullet necklace Qin Liang gave her,Stroking this bullet,Tender eyes,Happy smile。
“I never expected to see him wretched,Look like a fool,So much energy,Euclidean Group51%Buy me shares。”
Shen Ruoxi thought about what Qin Liang gave to herself today51%Ou Clan Group,Sweet in my heart,She is so strong by nature,Duckbill tofu heart,He didn’t praise Qin Liang,But I already have a very different feeling for Qin Liang in my heart,In addition, Qin Liang’s figure has already firmly occupied a place in her heart.,Now she was thinking,Should Qin Liang sleep in her room tonight??
Just when Shen Ruoxi could think of it,Her bodyguard came in。
“Mr. Shen,It’s late,Let’s go back。”
Qin Liang arranged the bodyguard for her,After Qin Liang knew that Ouhua and Ouyang were plotting against her,,I urge Shen Ruoxi to add a few bodyguards by his side,Shen Ruoxi can’t help Qin Liang,Had to agree。
“it is good。”Shen Ruoxi took the bullet back to her chest,Stood up,Under the escort of bodyguards,Leaving the dinner room。
“Master Ouyang!Look,Shen Ruoxi appeared!”
In the underground garage of the Imperial Building,In a carVIn the car,Ouyang is leading a group of younger brothers,Guarding Shen Ruoxi to the garage,When Ouyang was waiting for his eyesight,Suddenly a little brother saw Shen Ruoxi,I woke up Ouyang。
Ouyang opened his eyes and took a look,Shen Ruoxi was escorted by three bodyguards,Is walking towards his car,Seems to be leaving。
“Master Ouyang,What are we going to do now?Do it?”A little brother asked。
“it is good,Let the brothers do it,Don’t hurt Shen Ruoxi。”Ouyang gave a hands-on order,This garage is not monitored,few people,It’s a good place to kidnap people,If Shen Ruoxi left the garage,It really takes some effort to kidnap her。